Drunk, naked, and magenta is no way to go through life, son

He may have thought the worst of the Vegas  ordeal was behind him as he tries to distance himself back in the UK from his  partying antics.

But one lone source has claimed the nude  strip billiards picture of the Prince is nothing compared with the rest of the  story.

A single quote from an anonymous source, used  by celebrity blogger Norm Clark on his Las Vegas gossip page, says:  ‘Something pretty gigantic’ is involved;  something more  serious than ‘strip billiards’.

Prince Harry was seen in Las Vegas admiring a tall blonde

Prince Harry was seen in Las Vegas admiring a tall  blonde, who has been named as 27-year-old Danielle Davidson

The claim is the latest in a string of  revelations to potentially tarnish the third-in-line-to-the-Throne’s Royal  image.

Last night, The Palace had no comment on the  vague accusation.

After a nude photo of the Prince emerged last  week from a private party in a hotel room in Las Vegas, Prince Harry has removed  himself from Facebook, where he operated under the pseudonym  Spike Wells.

Following advice from his private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who is heading an inquiry into the Prince’s  trip to  Las Vegas, Harry deleted his account.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that  the  Prince’s two best friends, Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip, 25, who joined him  in Vegas,  and Arthur Landon, 30, have also closed their Facebook  accounts, as has one of  his key Scotland Yard minders.

The latest comment to surface surrounding the  27-year-old’s antics has no implicit context, but could be linked to concerns  raised by the Prince following the US publication of the derobed  heir.

The Prince was said to be ‘terrified’ further  damaging images might emerge and his concerns intensified after  photos of an ‘even wilder’ week in the British Virgin Islands on Sir  Richard Branson’s  private island of Necker, shortly before the Vegas  weekend, were leaked to a  newspaper.

Pictures from the trip were originally posted  on Facebook by one of Harry’s friends.

Stills from the US showbusiness channel Extratv show the Prince at a party in Las Vegas surrounded by bikini-clad women
Stills from the US showbusiness channel Extratv show the Prince at a party in Las Vegas surrounded by bikini-clad women

Stills from the US showbusiness channel ExtraTV show the  Prince at a party in Las Vegas surrounded by bikini-clad women

Further pictures have emerged from Prince  Harry’s Las Vegas trip which followed immediately after the Necker  sojourn.

The Prince is seen partying in swimming  shorts, a hat and sunglasses, surrounded by bikini-clad women.

Harry, Inskip and rugby player Adam Bidwell,  36, were among his entourage who checked into a £5,100-a-night suite on the 63rd  floor of one of the city’s most elite resorts.

‘The suite is in a tower that has its own  private casino,’ said a maid. ‘It  has mohair walls to absorb the sound, a pool  and a wet bar.’

They ate and drank at the hotel’s most  exclusive bars and restaurants, including the most expensive restaurant, the SW  Steakhouse,  named after the complex’s owner Steve Wynn, who reportedly picked  up the£50,000 bill for their visit.

The Prince was caught on tape enjoying himself, hanging out by the pool with the attractive women

Harry appeared to show an interest in the 27-year-old  blonde, a cocktail server at the MGM Grand Hotel

The rowdy group then moved on to one of  the  hotel’s nightclubs, Surrender, where they were ushered into the  red-curtained  VIP area.

They are understood to have picked up two  girls at the club for the party where the naked Prince was captured on fuzzy  mobile phone shots and sold for £10,000 to the TMZ website.

At 1.30pm the next day, just seven-and-a-half  hours after the now infamous ‘strip billiard’ game, Harry is believed to have  hosted a second vodka-fuelled pool party with a dozen ‘randomly  recruited’ girls.

‘Girls were  invited to come over and meet  Harry,’ according to a source.

Scotland Yard minders looked on as the girls  were ushered inside the private villa – or cabana – at the MGM Grand  Hotel’s Wet Republic club, according to the  source. The party went on for five-and-half-hours.

‘What is incredible is that his detectives  didn’t request any special  security at Wet Republic,’ said the source. ‘They  had no requirements  whatsoever.

His handlers just sat around while friends  went to  neighbouring private areas that had been rented by rich guests,  inviting their girls to come over and meet Harry.

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