Artist Suffering from Severe Cerebral Palsy Creates Awe-Inspiring Typewriter Art

Paul Smith suffered from severe spastic cerebral palsy from a very young age.  The loss of fine motor control of his hands made impossible for him to perform  the most basics of tasks, like eating, bathing or clothing himself, but through  sheer willpower he managed to become one of the most acclaimed typewriter  artists in history.

Born in September1921, in Philadelphia, Paul Smith was  diagnosed with severe spastic cerebral palsy as a child, but although this  terrible condition made it impossible for him to express himself or attend  school like any other child, it didn’t stop him from having a remarkable life.  At age 15, Paul started working with the typewriter to create art, and slowly  refined his technique until he was able to create real masterpieces. He would  use his left hand to steady the right, so because he couldn’t type with both  hands the artist would lock the “Shift” key and create most of his works with  the characters “@ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _”. He spent 2-3 hours a day typing away  on his typewriter while listening to Classical music, and each of his  artworks would take him anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. Over 70 years of  artistic activity, Paul Lung created hundreds of beautiful typewriter art  pieces, most of which he simply gave away.

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