A Feast for Zombies: Gory Gourmet Food Truck Serves Fresh Brain Burgers

London Chef Mark Jankel shocked everyone when he launched the Gory  Gourmet, a special food truck that serves very literal brain food,  including calf brain burgers, brain salad wrap or crispy chunks of brain.

Animal brain is a pretty common ingredient in the cuisine of many Asian  countries, but in the Western world it has become somewhat of an oddity, with  many referring to it as zombie food. Mark Jankel of Street Kitchen decided to  use this fact as an opportunity to shock Londoners and create a very original  publicity stunt. On August 22nd he launched his Gory Gourmet food truck, which  treats Londoners to dishes made from calf brain, pig feet or cow thyroid.  Although created to celebrate the DVD and BluRay release of zombie thriller  series The Walking Dead Season 2, the Gory Gourmet was actually a culinary  success, with dozens of curious clients lining up to taste the bizarre treats. I  think it’s fair to say this particular food truck caters to the the taste of  customers both alive and undead.

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