Hallucinating Thai mother kills, cooks and eats her young sons because she thought they were pigs

A Thai woman accused of butchering and eating  her two young sons has claimed she was hallucinating and thought they were  pigs.

She allegedly cooked and ate her sons aged  one and five and was found by police sleeping in her home surrounded by body  parts.

The woman is a member of the Musur hill tribe  who live in the mountainous region of Chiang Main near the Burmese  border.

The woman has been taken to Suang Prung Hospital where doctors believe she has yet to realise she butchered her sons

The woman has been taken to Suang Prung Hospital where  doctors believe she has yet to realise she butchered her sons

Upon her arrest, police in the Mae Ai  district of Chiang Mai discovered that the woman had received treatment for  mental illness in 2007 and had recently stopped taking her  medication.

‘The woman killed her children because she  didn’t continue  her treatment and didn’t take her medication,’ Mental Health Department deputy director general Dr  Kiattiphum Wongrachit told Bangkok Post yesterday.

He added that it is believed that in her  hallucinogenic state she thought her children were pigs.

The woman was arrested in the northern part of Chiang Mai

The woman was arrested in the northern part of Chiang  Mai

A hospital report from her treatment in 2007  stated that the woman suffered from hallucinations and believed someone was  coming to hurt her.

The woman had been left alone with her  children as her husband left for a few days to get her medication, according to  The Bangkok Post.

‘I had to go out of town for a couple of  days. I told her that I would bring back the medication she needs.

‘I never imagined that something like this  would happen,’ he told the paper.

The woman, whose name has been  withheld for  her family’s protection, has been charged with murder,  although details of the  charge have yet to be released.

She has been deemed mentally unfit to fight  her case and has been sent to  Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital in Chiang Mai for treatment.

Dr Kiattiphum Wongrachit said that she will  be kept under close watch as  doctors believe she had yet to realise that she  killed her children.

An unusually large number of crimes involving  acts of cannibalism have occurred across the globe in recent months.

Well publicised cases include Rudy Eugene who  was shot and killed after eating homeless Ronald Poppo’s face, ‘porn star  cannibal’ Luka Magnotta who filmed himself chopping up his Chinese lover before  posting parts of the body to politicians and 29 members of a New Guinean cult  charged for butchering and eating seven people including making soup from their  genitals.

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