Two Leonardos found in ‘Last Supper’

A British art expert says two of the figures in Leonardo da Vinci’s  masterpiece “The Last Supper” are actually self-portraits of the artist.

Ross King said this week that while not a lot is known about Da Vinci’s  physical appearance at the time he painted “The Last Supper,” he is confident  the noses on two of the apostles are a giveaway.

King has concluded the long hair, beards and Greek noses on the two matched  up with a portrait of the Italian master drawn years later. Greek noses and  prominent hair, King said, were “rarities for an Italian man of that  period.”

Italy’s ANSA news agency said art historians long suspected Da Vinci painted  himself into the work, but King told The Independent that no one had really  taken the time to seriously look for it.

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