The ‘ass’ cam!

If you are man with a wandering eye – the number one rule is to not get caught indulging in it.

This is the lesson that Los Angeles folk are being taught by a couple of attractive ladies.

In a bid to bust the passers-by who perve at their posteriors, one of the friends attached a hidden camera to her behind and then posted the footage online.

Scroll down for video

Model behaviour: Reanin Johannink decided to expose Peeping Toms in LA by attaching a camera to her friend’s bottom to catch them staring; the shocking footage was then posted online

Bugged bottom: With a camera attached to her posterior, this woman and Johannink, left, then hit the streets of LA to see how many strangers would gawp

Busted: The two-minute video show scores of men – and some women – stealing lingering glances at the pretty brunette’s backside

Model and actress Reanin Johannink begins her exposé by asking people to ponder how much strangers stare at you when you’re not looking.

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‘Hey guys, have you ever wondered what happens behind your back? Well, we’ve figured out a way to bust people…so check out the ‘ass cam’,’ she declares with glee.

With the so-called ‘ass cam’ attached, the women hit the Californian streets to catch unsuspecting voyeurs.

The ensuing footage, which was posted on, certainly provides shocking evidence of how many strangers do gawp.

Less than subtle: This man, left, cannot help but have a cheeky glance while the men, seen right, need to realise that sunglasses don’t make staring any less obvious…especially if you turn around to gawp

Jesus? A biblical looking fellow, left, could not resist taking a look while men on skateboards were repeat offenders in the hilarious film

While some passers-by seem to take a cheeky glance, others are more brazen – turning back around to really stare at the brunette’s bottom.

The hilarious video also catches some men who are out with their partners stealing lingering glances at the woman’s curves.

While riding an escalator, one woman appears to fully focus in on the bugged woman’s backside.

However, as online commentors have been quick to point out, it could be that least some of the people in the video are collateral damage – intrigued not by the woman’s bum but puzzled as to why she has a camera attached to it.

Watch the video by clicking on the icon.

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