Krispy Kreme just launched a cotton candy donut, which somehow makes complete sense

One of the earnest joys of summer time is the fact that’s fair season. Ferris wheels, turkey legs, cotton candy, bacon, and pig races — all part of the experience, and now Krispy Kreme wants a piece of the thematics. Announced today, Krispy Kreme US and Canada locations are launching a line of treats inspired by summer fair flavors, including Cotton Candy donuts, Caramel Apple Cake donuts, and a Cotton Candy Chiller.

The Cotton Candy donut, pictured above, features an Original Glazed doughnut dipped in cotton candy sugar while the Caramel Apple Cake flavor features an apple flavored doughnut topped with a caramel icing.

Also on the menu are two new drink offerings including the Cotton Candy Chiller, an icy beverage that notes flavors of raspberry and blueberry. A new Caramel Latte is also available, which features an espresso with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle served hot or on ice.

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