Japanese Chilly Chair Makes Horror Movies Even Scarier

Are horror films not scary enough for you? Than you might want to try  watching them from the Chilly Chair, an offbeat invention that  literally raises the hair on your forearms and back to enhance emotion.

You could say Shogo Fukushima’s invention is really hair-raising. The  doctoral student who attends the University of Electro-Communications in  Tokyo wanted to create a device that would induce body hair to stand up, thus  potentially intensifying people’s reaction to movies and video games. He came-up  with a thing called the Chilly Chair, with weird forearm-rests that use  electricity to reproduce the sensation usually activated by feelings of fear and  surprise. The square arches of the innovative chair are made up of three layers;  from the inside to the outside it contains an insulating dielectric plate,  an electrode and a rubber plate. Electricity goes through the electrode  polarizing the dielectric plate and attracts the user’s arm hairs making them  experience a sensation similar to when picking up clothes charged with static  energy. After testing the Chilly Chair on six subjects, Fukushima found they  showed stronger reactions to video and audio stimuli.

Chilly Chair 550x257 Japanese Chilly Chair Makes Horror Movies Even Scarier

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