If the arachnids ever get on the same page, we’re all dead. Here’s one living in a woman’s ear for 5 days

We’ve always dismissed the “fact” that in your lifetime you’ll, apparently, eat up to eight spiders while you sleep.

But while we’ve no evidence to disprove the arachnid-swallowing theory, there is some troubling news in from China. The eight-legged punks like to nap in human ears.

A spider was found by doctors at China’s Changsha Central Hospital, in the ear of a woman who had been complaining of ‘itching’ in the left side of her head.

Doctors then had to extract the creature, but had to be very careful so as to make sure it didn’t burrow deeper or even bite her. Eventually they settled on filling the poor old girl’s ear with saline fluid to flush it out. It later emerged the spider had probably been living in her ear canal for up to five days.

And for those of you thinking it was just a little money spider, it wasn’t. Take a gander at the photo. Happy Thursday everyone.

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