Newsweek slammed for their latest ‘shocking’ phallic cover showing woman enjoying asparagus

In what is fast becoming Newsweek editor Tina  Brown’s signature  style, the magazine’s latest cover is intended to shock…and send issues flying  off the shelves.

Mitt Romney can breathe a sigh of relief as  lampooning politicians isn’t the theme this week– instead they’ve gone down the  sex sells route.

For the magazine’s Foodie Awards issue, which  lists the 101 best places to eat in the world, the cover shows two spears of  asparagus dangling suggestively above a woman’s open mouth.


Food porn: Newsweek has been criticized for using a  shock-and-awe cover… yet again

With the model’s pillow-like lips painted a  dark shade of red and her mouth open in seeming ecstasy, Newsweek’s  interpretation of food porn has been slammed by critics as having all the  subtlety of a sledgehammer.

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