Gas station clerk attacked by woman ……. with a Slushy

An attack with a slushy on a gas station clerk left her shaken up, but knocked out the station’s ability to operate its gas pumps. This bizarre incident was caught on tape at the Hop n Sack gas station on Southeast  45th Street.

Her boss said other than being a little shaken up she’s doing just fine. However he said his high dollar gas machine almost wasn’t after it short circuited after it was drenched by the drink. He said the store lost hundreds of dollars in gas sales until the machine could be repaired the following morning.

Despite a rough night we found the sales clerk who just hours ago had been drenched in a blue mess outside the store enjoying a much needed break. The break surely needed after a night when she was doused with a sticky drink.

According to the clerk’s boss, the encounter started after a woman in a black shirt came to the store with a friend looking for a fight with the clerk behind the counter.

The clerk asked the woman, a former schoolmate, to leave. The woman stepped out for a short period but then came back in with her friend. The two women wait in line to pay for their drinks, when suddenly the woman in the black hurls her drink at the unsuspecting cashier. The two women immediately walk away with one of them turning around only to smile at their victim.

The clerk wipes her face and calls her boss to tell him what has just happened.

The store’s owner said he’s thankful his clerk wasn’t seriously injured and that the incident happened just before closing time. The store opened at five a.m. Tuesday morning and the gas machine was repaired around 11.

Police have identified the woman who threw the slush, but the clerk said since Monday’s attack, she’s moved back to Georgia.

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