Husband ‘beats amputee wife unconscious with her own crutch in drunken rage’

A Georgia man allegedly beat his amputee wife  unconscious with her crutch during a domestic row at  their mobile home in Athens, Georgia.

Police say Robert Lee Austin punched his  wife, who recently lost her leg, repeatedly in the face and attacked her with  the walking aid, which broke in the melee on Thursday night.

In a desperate attempt to end the assault,  the 32-year-old woman tried to call 911 but her drunk husband apparently snatched away her phone and broke it in  the rampage.

After repeated blows, police said, the victim  became unconscious and Austin, covered in his wife’s blood, stumbled to a  neighbour’s home, telling them he thought he had killed his wife.

The victim, who has not been named,  regained  consciousness by the time police arrived. She was taken to a  nearby hospital  and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Though it is unclear what sparked the vicious  abuse, police say Austin was intoxicated at the time.

‘This  could have led to a family-violence homicide’

Austin, 38, was arrested and  charged with  aggravated assault, false imprisonment, battery,  obstruction of a 911 call and  criminal damage to property.

‘The  level of violence to this victim is not acceptable to the police or the  community,’ Athens-Clarke police Capt. Clarence Holeman told the Athens  Banner-Herald.

‘This could have led to a family-violence  homicide,’ he added.

Austin was being held without bail and could  face additional charges.

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