Company ‘social media expert’ threatens to pimp slap customers; hates Australia ‘and the scum people that populate it’

One of the tweets Kotsopoulos posted yesterday.One of the tweets Kotsopoulos posted yesterday.

A Vodafone store employee who describes himself as the telco’s “social media  expert” and “ambassador” has been deriding customers on Twitter and Facebook as  “mentally retarded” and threatened them with a “pimp slap backhand”.

Vodafone, which has lost 600,000 customers since mid-2010 after network and  other issues, confirmed that Arthur Kotsopoulos was a retail employee working in  the Sydney CBD and was part of the telco’s “TNT Ambassadors” program. He also  wrote articles and reviews for Vodafone’s blog but the telco says his  “self-appointed” title of “social media expert” was “not endorsed by the  company”.

Some of the things he is saying publicly are racist and sexist and hardly  appropriate for someone who’s identifying themselves as working for a  corporation.

Tiphereth Gloria, social media  expert

In just a few tweets yesterday, Mr Kotsopoulos, who goes by the Twitter  handle “GrathiusXR”, managed to ridicule Vodafone customers, suppliers and  co-workers.

Arthur Kotsopoulos next to a grab from his LinkedIn page.Arthur Kotsopoulos next to a grab from his LinkedIn page.

“HTC rep just walked in get ready for another hour of blabbering about what  are the worst phones on the market,” he wrote yesterday at 1:19pm.

<iframe id=”dcAd-1-4″ src=”;ctype=article;cat1=technews;cat=tech;pos=3;sz=300×250;tile=4;ord=1688299.0?&#8221; width=’300′ height=’250′ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″> </iframA minute or so later he derided a casual employee he was working with at the  store that day. “She changes music & puts on this filthy emo music.  Literally want to neck myself,” he writes.

But his harshest barbs were reserved for customers. “To top it off i’m  serving mentally retarded people who buy phones and have no clue how to use  them. Asking me to message people for them. Creating contacts for them and  dictating me to enter the contact names then screaming at me when I spell it  wrong. Speak English idiot!”

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