Guolizhuang – Beijing’ Famous Penis Restaurant

They couldn’t pay me enough to try a bite of cooked animal genitalia, but  there are people who would spend hundreds of dollars on delicacies like cooked  yak penis or sheep gonads. These are the kind of foods that have made the Guolizhuang Restaurant so popular in China’s capital city.

According to a well-known saying, “Chinese eat anything with four legs,  except tables. And everything that flies, except airplanes,” and the food served  at the Guolizhuang Restaurant, in Beijing is proof of that. This bizarre  establishment opened its gates in 2006, offering all kinds of dishes with animal  genitalia as the main ingredient. Many Chinese believe animal penises increase  male potency and do wonders for women’s skin, so word about the culinary wonders  served at the restaurant on Dongsishitiao Street spread quickly, and the  owners were happy to expand their business. There are now several franchises  throughout Beijing and one in Atlanta’s Chinatown.

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