Pray-O-Mat – The Simple Solution for Getting Blessings on the Go

We live in such a busy world that some people don’t even have the time to go  to church anymore. Luckily, there’s the Pray-O-Mat, a converted  old photo booth that features 300 pre-recorded prayers and incantations in  65 different languages, and lets you get your blessing on the go.

Waiting for the service at the local church or temple takes time, and in this  day and age that’s a valuable commodity. But thanks to German artist Oliver  Sturm, you don’t have to skip out on getting closer to the supreme being you  happen to be worshiping. Known as the “Gebetomat” in Germany, the ingenious  device has been branded as a “Pray-O-Mat” for its transition to England, where  it’s gotten quite a lot of attention since being installed at  the University of Manchester, as part of a study into “multi faith  spaces”.

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