One man believes the Midwest is in a drought because God is getting back at the United States for sinning, mostly because abortion is still legal

On a given Sunday, 83 percent of Americans do not attend church, although 75 percent of Americans say they believe in God (source: Christian Radio). Americans, nonchalant about religious training and worship, have steadfastly worked to remove worship from this country. Too many examples to list.

Now, we have liars, cheaters and duplicitous people who have never valued honesty, integrity and character, who can steal without a twinge of conscience. We lock all doors and are on guard wherever we go. We need concealed carry gun laws to protect us from those who would harm us.

Our most egregious sin is abortion.

Now, God is finally fed up with America and beginning, I fear, what is written in Revelation, Chapter 16, as he withholds rain from coast to coast.

Americans need to repent, change their ways, and plead to God to stop withholding rain as believers and nonbelievers suffer collectively for the sins of this nation.

Local churches need to hold prayer meetings now.

Americans need to elect a God-fearing president and other decent people like Bobby Schilling and Tom Demmer, locally.

My cynical nature motivates me to believe no amount of prayer will persuade God to allow the rain, so great and longstanding are the sins we have committed. I still have to ask us all to repent from our ways. I’m afraid the angel in Revelation, Chapter 16, has been unleashed.

Is the end of the world now beginning with this drought? God have mercy.

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