You’re driving drunk and have just taken out 60 feet of a cinder block wall. Do you get out of the car and take a leak on her lawn?

An alleged drunk driver slammed into a cement wall in front of a Rio Rancho woman’s home; and adding insult to injury, got out of the car and urinated in her front yard.

Sarah Bonneau told KOB Eyewitness News 4 she still cannot believe what happened, which has her questioning whether the neighborhood she lives in is even safe to live in. “We heard a large – a really loud crack,” Bonneau said.

She said, at first, she didn’t think much of the noise.

“We thought that it was thunder or lightning, and we saw a puff of white debris come up visible through the front windows of our front door,” Bonneau said. And much to her surprise she said she saw “a car embedded in our cinder block wall.”

A more than 60 foot long wall crumbled down to a pile of debris just yards from her house.

“He didn’t just ding our wall, he was driving due south and crossed over the street and took out the entire length of our wall,” Bonneau said.

And if that was not shocking enough – once the car came to a stop, the driver stumbled out, unzipped his pants and proceeded to urinate all over her front lawn while children and neighbors watched, she said.

“He urinated in front of my daughter, her friend, myself, my husband and then neighbors who had come out,” Bonneau said.

Now residents are questioning the safety of their Corrales Heights neighborhood.

“I don’t want people like that in a neighborhood… especially someone exposing themselves,” a neighbor said.

The accused man only lives a few blocks away from Bonneau. A KOB Eyewitness News 4 crew stopped by his home for comment, but was turned away.

Bonneau said if her shattered cement wall and all the commotion that followed does not remind people to slow down and not drink and drive, she does not know what will.

“It’s one thing to be the crazy lady that yells at people to slow down for twelve years, but it’s another thing to have a drunk, who’s speeding through your neighborhood, endangering the people who use these streets, take out the entire front wall of my home,” Bonneau said. “He’s lucky he didn’t kill anybody.”

She said the driver showed up at her doorstep Thursday morning after bonding out of jail to apologize, adding that he could not remember much of anything.

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