Woman uses unusual object to try to rob man of casino winnings … just not enough ‘power’.

A lucky night at the casino nearly took a very unlucky turn on the road home for a local man.

The man who went to gamble at one of the area casinos was attacked on his way home. The crook wanted to take the man’s casino winnings and used an unusual object to hurt the victim.

“It doesn’t happen a lot, obviously, and it’s something that’s hard to prepare for when you win a lot of money. You have to be aware of who’s around you and who’s following you, which is what he did,” Officer Gary Mason with the Overland Park Police Department said.

The victim, an Overland Park, KS, man had a lucky night at Harrah’s Casino last weekend. After he cashed in his winnings, his luck suddenly ran out as he was driving home. The man noticed he was being followed.

“As he entered Overland Park near his house, he noticed that a gold sedan was following him. As he was getting closer, he didn’t want to go to his house of course and stopped at an intersection,” Mason said.

That’s when the driver of the sedan rear-ended the victim’s car. A woman got out and wanted to exchange information. As the victim was writing down his details, the woman whacked him on the head three times with an electrical power strip.

“After she struck him with the electrical outlet, she told him to give her all the money he had from the casino,” Mason said.

The victim, who was bleeding with several cuts to his head, was able to take the power strip from the woman and he jumped into his car and drove off without giving over his money.

“It could have been a knife or gun or other weapon that could have done him serious harm. In this case he was able to get that away from her, but it could have been worse,” Mason said.

Police went back and reviewed surveillance video at the casino to identify the female suspect. They said she staged the accident to get to the victim’s winnings and, even though this sort of crime doesn’t happen often, police warn gamblers to be on alert.

“Certainly don’t drive to your house right away and the other thing to do is call police and let them know you are being followed by somebody. Let us come by and help out,” Mason said.

The woman arrested in connection with this crime was 48-year-old Deanna Winfield. She was taken to the hospital for a medical reason. The Johnson County district attorney has charged Winfield with aggravated robbery and her bond is set at $50,000.

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