If you’re running for the bus and it pulls away just let it go.

A Halifax teenager remains in serious condition this morning, after he was run over by a Metro Transit bus late Wednesday afternoon.

The 16-year-old boy who was in critical condition Wednesday night is expected to live, Halifax Regional Police Sgt. Greg Robertson said in a news release.

Sgt. Robertson said the teenager was running to catch a bus when he was struck.

He has injuries to his lower body.

“The bus was on Barrington Street; it turned up Spring Garden Road (and) it appears a 16-year-old … ran into the bus’s corner near the wheels and what we believe is that the bus ran over the lower portion of the boy’s body,” Robertson said in an interview early Wednesday evening.

The accident happened just before 5:13 p.m., Robertson said.

The boy was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre where he was reportedly placed in a medically induced coma while doctors worked on him.

“That’s standard procedure when there are severe injuries,” said the police sergeant.

Officers closed off the section of Spring Garden Road from Barrington to Brunswick streets while accident analysis officers investigated. Police said they expected the closure to be in effect for some time.

Just a few metres from the accident scene, Brian Yorke was guarding fresh cement that had been poured for new sidewalks in front of St. Matthew’s United Church when the accident occurred. He was not looking at the intersection at the time, but the noise quickly drew his attention.

The teenager “was screaming on the top of his lungs,” Yorke said.

He believed the boy had stepped off the curb and into the side of the bus.

“It was so busy here. There were cement trucks here and everything. It was pretty congested” he said. “People were trying to catch the bus and we had landscaping guys here.”

Yorke said the boy had stopped yelling by the time paramedics got him into the back of an ambulance. He speculated the victim had been given something for his pain.

By 7 p.m., the bus — 80 Sackville — was still blocking the middle of the intersection. An officer with the police forensic identification unit speculated it would remain in place for a couple of more hours.

Visible underneath the bus’s front, passenger-side wheel was a white sweatshirt. Beside it was a long streak of what looked like blood. A water bottle and discarded rubber glove sat on the pavement.

Several Metro Transit vehicles and employees were also on hand.

Yorke said he saw the bus driver, who appeared to be very “shaken up.”

Robertson said the driver and passengers would be interviewed as would others who witnessed the incident.

On Wednesday evening, Robertson said charges were unlikely.

The victim’s family has been notified, he said.

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