Man, 46, arrested for indecent exposure after he used a chainsaw to chop down a tree while naked

When it comes to living life on the edge, this man probably beats most people.

Lindsay Stevens was arrested after a neighbour in Knoxville, Tennessee spotted him wielding a chainsaw while naked.

The 46-year-old was cutting down a tree in his back yard, but ran into the house when the police arrived.

Stevens has been seen naked in his garden by neighbours on several occasions, according to

But this time one neighbour had had enough, and called the sheriff’s office to complain.

When Knox County deputy sheriff Scott Ritch arrived, he spotted Stevens hiding behind a tree and then running into the house.

The 15-stone, 5ft 11in man was arrested for indecent exposure, released on $750 bond, and will appear in court tomorrow.

Susan Geissberger said that Stevens regularly swims naked and has ‘been known to mow his yard with a riding mower in the nude.’

‘It’s so common it’s become the neighborhood joke, which is really sad,’ she said.

The arrest is the culmination of  years of community embarrassment caused by Stevens regularly traipsing  around his property in the nude.

‘Our biggest concern has been the kids getting off the bus and they can see him,’ added Ms Geissberger.

He is not the first to strip off to work on the garden.

Matthew Swanson, 43, wore only a loin cloth to mow his lawn in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and was jailed for disorderly conduct.

Donald Sprigg, 63, was accused of indecent behaviour after he was seen naked except for a pair of gloves in his Gloucestershire garden, but the charges against the naturist were thrown out.

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