Baby girl who swallowed heroin left lying on floor ‘shaking and rolling her eyes’ by drug addict parents

The drug-addicted parents of a one-year-old  girl who ingested heroin left within her reach have been jailed.

The baby was reported to be shaking and  rolling her eyes after putting the substance in her mouth while left briefly  unattended at her home, but her father Justin Robinson, 25, waited 45 minutes  before finally taking the infant to her grandparents’ house and asking them:  ‘Does she look okay?’.

The child, who by then was ‘unresponsive and  had blue lips and skin’, was taken to a hospital in Reno, Nevada, U.S., on  Saturday night, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.


Justin Robinson, 25, and his partner Lorena Vizina, 23,  had been smoking heroin on the night their baby daughter swallowed the  substance

Social workers at the hospital called the  police and Robinson and the baby’s mother Lorena Vizina, 23, an  escort, were  arrested on suspicion of child abuse and taken to Nevada’s  Washoe County  Detention Center on Sunday.

Documents filed at Reno Justice Court stated  that blood tests carried out on the baby revealed traces of morphine and  coedine.

The one-year-old was still in a serious  condition at the Renown Regional Medical Center on Monday.

Lorena Vizina, 23, can be seen cradling her baby daughter in her arms in pictures posted on Facebook

Lorena Vizina, 23, can be seen cradling her baby  daughter in her arms in pictures posted on Facebook

The couple, who were in the process of  packing at the weekend after  being evicted from their apartment in Yori Avenue,  told police they were both addicted to methamphetamine and heroin.

Vizina said that she and Robinson  smoked  heroin on Saturday night before she left for work as an escort,  leaving their  daughter in her partner’s care.

Robinson told officers that he left the baby  unattended on the living room floor ‘for a few minutes’ while he got dressed and  washed his face and hair.

The court documents stated that when  Robinson returned he found his daughter with a ‘white powdery substance’ around  her mouth.

The 25-year-old said he put his finger in her  mouth to check for obstructions and found that the powder tasted like  medication.

For the next 45 minutes Robinson watched his  daughter shaking and rolling  her eyes, the court record said, before finally  taking her to her  grandparents’ house and asking them if she looked  okay.

Vizina’s parents had been babysitting for the  child for 10 days before her  23-year-old mother collected her on Saturday  afternoon.

The couple are being held on bail at the  Washoe County Detention Center.

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