Talk about getting burned by your ex. Jealous woman kills ex-husband… by pouring boiling water on him.

A judge has ordered trial for 39-year-old Jesusa Tatad, who, in a jealous rage, went into her sleeping ex-husband’s room and allegedly poured a pot of boiling water over him.

Tatad, a Daly City woman, was allegedly upset because she believed her ex-husband was seeing another woman; the couple had divorced, but were still living together at the time she doused him with hot water, according to press reports.

Her fiery rage left him with second- and  third-degree burns across 60 percent of his body, which eventually killed him, prosecutors say.

As if boiling water wasn’t enough, as the man jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, Tatad allegedly then hit him on the head with a baseball bat, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

The victim was still able to run out of their apartment complex and flag down a security guard, who called 911. He was taken to San Francisco General  Hospital, where he remained in critical condition until he died on Dec. 9.

A San Mateo County judge ruled at the end of Thursday’s preliminary hearing that there was enough evidence to order trial. Tatad has been charged with murder and torture for the November 2011 attack.

Tatad is in jail without bail pending arraignment on July 31.

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