‘Whenever I eat now it tastes of pee’: Indian student forced to drink her own urine opens up about her ordeal

For the last three days I have been trying to  get over the trauma of being forced to lick my own urine over which my hostel  warden had sprinkled salt.

I have been trying to focus on drawing but  the nauseating experience does not leave me.

I feel like vomiting all the time. The  feeling just doesn’t go away.

'I drew this picture to to forget the urine-licking incident, but I can't' Punita Singh, Class V student gives her account of the shocking way she was treated

‘I drew this picture to to forget the urine-licking  incident, but I can’t’ Punita Singh, Class V student gives her account of the  shocking way she was treated

Every time I put a morsel in my  mouth, I get  the same yucky feeling. I get the feeling that someone has  mixed urine and salt  in my food.

So I don’t feel like eating. I feel so bad  from inside that I don’t even want to meet anyone.

I am a class V student of Visva- Bharati’s  Patha Bhavan and have this bad habit of bed-wetting. On that sunny Saturday  morning, when I woke up around 6 am, I found I had wetted my bed again.


Our warden Uma Poddar came running to me and  forced me to lick the bedsheet which was soaked in my urine as a  punishment.

Another warden Sandhya Khan also accompanied  her. They first sprinkled  salt on it and then caught hold of my head and  pressed it down on the  wet sheet.

They literally rubbed my face into it. All  this was watched by 13 other roommates.

I wonder what they must be thinking of me and  what memories they will  carry. They had tried to make me drink urine twice  earlier but had  failed.


On Saturday, when they were forcing  me to  lick the bed sheet after sprinkling salt on it, I told them  repeatedly that it  would never happen again and pleaded with them to be  spared just one more time.

One of my seniors, a class VII girl, was also  there in the room. She too  requested the warden to forgive me but Poddar  ignored her pleas.

The warden told the girl that ‘if you cannot  see this you can leave the room’.

Later, I could speak to my parents over the  phone and they came to take me away from the Karabi hostel in Santiniketan –  poet Rabindranath Tagore’s abode of peace.

They also consulted doctors who advised me  some medicines. I am sleeping a lot after the incident.

I still cannot forget that awful experience.  It is haunting me constantly.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget what Poddar  did to me on Saturday.

Every time I will drink or eat something, it  will remind me of the Saturday morning nightmare.

Now I am really scared of the approach they  have shown towards me.

I don’t want to go back. I have told this to  my parents and they understand my sentiments.

Two months ago, I had taken ill and the  school authorities had to hospitalise me.

But the worst part was that they did not  inform my parents.

My parents got to know of my illness much  later.

Look at this picture which I drew after the  incident – a donkey standing in the middle of a field with a bird staring at it  from a branch of a tree.

I drew this to forget the urine-licking  incident, but I can’t.


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