Utah woman steals $4,000 ring by swallowing it, pawning it after is goes through “regular digestive process.”

Police say a Sandy woman stole an expensive engagement ring by swallowing it and then pawning it off days later.
Sandy Police Sgt. Jon Arnold told ABC 4 the theft occurred on May 13 at the South Towne Mall Macys store.
According to Arnold, 38-year-old Angele Winters Hardman was trying the ring on, valued at over $4,000, with assistance of a store clerk when the ring appeared to become stuck on her finger.
Arnold said the clerk tried using water and lotion to remove the ring, but it apparently wouldn’t budge.
At some point during the exchange, Arnold said the clerk looked away and Hardman claimed she was able to get the ring off.
Arnold said Hardman then handed what looked like the ring she had been trying on, but that the clerk immediately knew it was a fake similar copy.
Arnold said the clerk called store security, who searched Hardman and filled out a report. When security officers could not find the actual ring, Hardman was released.
Arnold said store security officers also referenced surveillance video.
Sandy police investigators were notified by the store manager and Hardman was interviewed by detectives several days later, according to Arnold.
At some point during the investigation, Arnold said Hardman admitted that she had swallowed the ring and waited for the “natural digestive process” to occur before traveling to Wendover where she pawned the ring.
Arnold said Hardman was charged with Retail Theft in Salt Lake’s 3rd District Court on Monday.
Arnold said that investigators were working with the Wendover pawn shop to recover the ring.
Court records show Hardman pleaded guilty to a Theft charge in 2005, and also currently faces a felony Robbery charge along with two misdemeanor assault charges stemming from a case in Davis County.

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