Flaming cheeks! Streaker arrested after disrupting Olympic torch relay

A man has been arrested after disrupting the  Olympic torch relay by running naked past spectators.

The streaker had ‘Free Tibet’ written on his  back and managed only a short distance before being tackled by police in  Henley-on-Thames.

He was covered in a blanket by officers and  led away.

A Thames Valley Police spokeswoman confirmed  that a 27-year-old man from Henley has been arrested on suspicion of outraging  public decency.

Hundreds of onlookers watched the man disrupt  proceedings in the Oxfordshire town as the torch made its way through on the  53rd day of the relay.

A Henley resident who was lining the  procession route said the streaker came out of the crowd.

Andrew Tinsley, and environmental scientist,  said: ‘The guy came out of nowhere. He definitely picked his moment to  shine.

‘The streaker completely out-footed the  policeman on the other side of the bus.

‘The juxtaposition of the bus relay logo of a  running man and the streaker was immensely funny.’

As well as emblazoning his back with the  message, the streaker also carried a fake Olympic torch as he ran past  spectators.

On a notable day on the Olympic Torch  relay,  the Queen welcomed torchbearers to Windsor Castle.

Local residents ran through the grounds of  the royal residence with the flaming symbol of the London Games as excitement  over the global event mounted.

In 17 days the Queen will declare the Games  open during a spectacular ceremony at the Olympic Park in Stratford, east  London.

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