Underage Boy, 14, Gets Oral Sex From Middle School Teacher and She Gives Him $80

We’ll let you read the entire police report below, but here’s the highlight: after reportedly engaging in sex with his MIDDLE school teacher when he was in 6th grade, the boy–who had moved away with his parents–ran away from home, returned to his old school and allegedly had sex with her again. After that, she drove him to a bank parking lot, gave him oral sex and then gave him $80. This kid deserves some kind of prize for just figuring out how to have sex with woman and get HER to pay him for it. Not that we’re endorsing this kind of behavior, but DAMMMMMMN!

Shaw was the boy’s sixth-grade teacher, and he stayed after class one day at the end of the year to retake a test. Shaw, who was not wearing underwear, sat in front of the boy as he worked on the exam and, after catching him looking, asked whether he was turned on.  She then took the boy into a room next to her classroom, where they had sex.  “After they finished, the defendant told (the victim) not to tell,” documents state. A week later, the boy stayed after school and they had intercourse.  The next encounter came in July, when Shaw gave the boy a ride home from summer school. They had sex in his bedroom while his mother was at work. After completing sixth grade, the boy went to another school. He did not see Shaw again until eighth grade, when he ran away from home and went to visit friends at Gray.  He had sex with Shaw in her classroom that day. They then went to a bank parking lot, where Shaw gave the boy $80 before performing oral sex on him.

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