And now for our zombie story of the day: Zombie Golf

On June 14 of 2012, Karl Laventure decided to celebrate his 21st birthday with a round of golf. Before hitting the links, however, Karl also decided to relax by smoking a little weed. Unbeknownst to him, the joint that he bought was laced with the increasingly popular drug of bad decisions and mass hysteria: bath salts.

For those of you wondering why people are interested in taking this substance (besides a hidden desire to ingest human flesh), the active ingredient in bath salts is mephedrone. This substance jacks up the dopamine and serotonin levels in your delicious brain, making someone who just ingested the substance feel incredibly confident and energized…until it reaches toxic levels. At that point, your ability to function as a human being is pretty much shot.
In the meantime, Karl was definitely feeling good about himself. He had decided to waltz out to the Atlanta Golf Center in Lilburn, GA without a tee time…or clothes.
“Sorry about my caddie.  He’s new”
Karl then grabbed a club and began running around the course, hitting golf balls at will. The clubs’ owner described him as seeming “not human,” but maybe that was just because he didn’t have the decency to ask other golfers it was alright for him to play through.
When the police arrived, however, the “not human” tag became terrifyingly accurate. The officers first attempted to pepper spray him, but Karl didn’t even blink. Instead, he charged the officers, who at this point decided to equip the taser gun from their weapons inventory.
The first shock brought Karl down, but he popped right back up, taking 5 more taser jolts before going to the ground again and 14 total jolts to keep him subdued.  Once he was down, it took multiple officers to keep him there while he screamed about rappers Tupac and Biggie, yelled out unintelligible gibberish, and repeatedly declared “I’ma eat you!”
At least the zombie boss in Dead Island is muzzled
In case you don’t believe me, here is a youtube embed of his arrest. I have cued it past the part where the uploader inexplicably shows a plane crashing into the World Trade Center (and hints that a possible zombie invasion is George Bush’s fault for some reason).

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