Horndog High keeps on howling.

A married city teacher at a Brooklyn high school where two of her colleagues  carried on a sapphic tryst had a month-long sex romp on the campus grounds with  her 16-year-old student, a new court filing says.
English teacher Erin  Sayar, 35, is accused of having sex with 11th-grader Kevin Eng at least eight  times last December when she was supposed to be tutoring him. The trysts  happened in her SUV and at Brooklyn’s scandalized James Madison High School — which was dubbed “Horndog High” in 2009 when two female teachers were axed after  two handymen caught them in a naked embrace in a classroom.


Sayar also plied her pupil with pot she kept in a work file cabinet,  according to court documents the teen’s family filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court  on Wednesday.

“I love you so much,” Kevin wrote his teacher in one Facebook message,  according to a Special Commissioner of Investigation report.
The affair  may have continued if not for the teen’s jealous girlfriend, who hacked into his  Facebook account and discovered the steamy messages between Sayar and him, the  filing says.
The girlfriend then snitched to school officials, who  informed the student’s mother in January.

Kevin, who’s now 17, initially denied any hanky-panky but eventually ’fessed  up to an investigator in late March.
He acknowledged that Sayar picked  him up from his home past midnight on one occasion. “Eventually, they began  kissing and then engaged in sexual intercourse and oral sex inside the SUV,” the  special commissioner’s report said.
He also described tattoos on  intimate parts of Sayar’s body. Investigators also pored over the teacher’s cell  phone records and found she and Eng exchanged an astounding 3,856 text messages  during a 17-day period last December.
“As parents, we entrust our  teachers with the care of our children to cultivate and nurture their  foundations, not to exploit their innocence, nor rob them of their childhood,” the family’s lawyer, Bruce Baron, said.


New York Daily News

The Daily News’ coverage in December ’09 after two  teachers were busted for a bit of ‘social studies’ in an empty classroom.

The court filing is a legal notice that the teen’s parents, Maureen and  Stephen Eng, plan to sue the city for more than $10 million.
City  Education Department spokeswoman Margie Feinberg confirmed an investigation is  underway and Sayar has been removed from the classroom.
“We are  proceeding with charges seeking her termination,” she added.
The SCI  report says the allegations also have been forwarded to the Brooklyn District  Attorney.
Sayar lives in a Park Slope apartment with her lawyer husband  and their baby daughter. She has worked in city schools for 12 years and earns  $78,885 a year. She couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday. James Madison  has had its share of forbidden affairs.
Spanish teacher Alini Brito and  French instructor Cindy Mauro were the teachers busted in a 2009 after-hours  rendezvous.
That same year, social studies teacher Allison Musacchio was  under investigation for an inappropriate relationship with a male  student.
The probe into Musacchio was closed because the teen was of  legal age and had left the school.
Citywide, at least seven Education  Department employees have been arrested for sex crimes this year, prompting  Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott to push for legislation  that would allow school districts — not arbitrators — to fire workers involved  in sexual misconduct.

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