Bus driver ‘offered boy, 10, $1 for sex then showed him naked pictures of his six-year-old SON’

A bus driver and his wife have been arrested  on suspicion of child abuse, molestation, child pornography and child  prostitution.

Police say Brian DiCamillo, 39, was found out  after he offered a 10-year old boy a dollar to have sex with him and when the  boy declined, DiCamillo then showed him pornographic images of his own  six-year-old son.

Jennifer DiCamillo, 39, also an employee at  the Deer Valley Unified School District in Phoenix, Arizona allegedly knew about  her husband’s activities and did nothing to stop him.


Charged: Brian DiCamillo, top, and his wife Jennifer, bottom, have been arrested for numerous crimes against children, including child  abuse, molestation, child pornography and child prostitution

Police said DiCamillo used his own home as  his base of operations, molesting his son and luring other children  inside.

When the 10-year-old entered the premises, he  told police that he was shown lewd images of DiCamillo’s child that exposed the  boy’s genitalia.

‘Brian DiCamillo offered the child an amount  of money for sex,’ Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes said to AZFamily.

The frighten child fled the home and told his  parents. Police got a report of the June 16 incident and issued a warrant to  search the home of the couple.

That’s when they learned DiCamillo’s own son  was another victim, police said.

‘Over the last two years Mr. DiCamillo has  been sexually abusing this child, taking intimate photographs of the child and  sharing those photos on the Internet,’ said Officer Holmes.

DiCamillo allegedly confessed his crimes to  police and told them he invited an ‘adult witness’ to come into his home and  flaunted his child’s genitalia to the person.

He said he would use ‘tools and played doctor  with the victim to gain sexual gratification,’ according to police.

Jennifer DiCamillo told officials that she  had caught her husband molesting their child twice, but that he promised he  would stop.

‘She said she saw her husband checking her  son’s anus with his hands and instrument to make sure he was “healthy,”‘ a  police report obtained by the Phoenix New Times,  states.

Another time, she said she saw him rubbing  his genitalia on the boy’s behind, according to the report.

‘She told Brian to stop and he did and he  swore he would not do it again,’ Officer Holmes said.

Both DiCamillos were arrested and suspended  from their jobs at the school district and will be terminated depending on the  outcome of the investigation.

Jennifer DiCamillo faces two counts of child  abuse for failing to report her husband to police. Brian DiCamillo is being held  without bond and charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, child prostitution  and supplying obscene material to a minor.

‘I hope they get the max they can get and I  hope she does too,’ neighbor Rosemary Masterson said.

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