Male contraceptive that you ‘rub on like a lotion’ dramatically reduces sperm count

A research team has created a birth control  lotion for men that reduces the chance of having children.

The new treatment – simply applied like a  lotion – promises to a reversible birth control option in much a similar  way.

The Los Angeles Biomedical Research  Insititute  mixed the male hormone testosterone with a synthetic chemical  called Nesterone for the formula, and control tests showed the majority of men  ended up with a reduced sperm count.

Researchers said that the sperm count for 89  per cent of the men in the study was reduced to less than one million sperm per  millilitre, comparable to ‘very low pregnancy rates’.

There was a complete absence of sperm  production for 78 per cent of men.

Just 23 per cent of men had a low sperm count  when treated just with testosterone.

According to the Huffington Post, similar  formulas have been made before, but needed to be administered through pills,  implants or injections, compared to the gel, which can be applied at home  discreetly and without fuss.

The Nesterone, a progestin which helps the  body absorb gormones, helps increase the effect of testosterone, which in turn  reduces the production of sperm.

The additional benefits of Nesterone over  similar chemicals is it does not cause side effects, such as acne.

From the results, the ‘male pill’ is not as  successful as the female pill, which has a pregnancy rate of 0.3 per cent per  year.

It also leaves 10 per cent of men with a high  sperm count.

However, if the gel is improved further, it  may lead to commercial release and another option for those who do not wish to  have children.

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