Boy, 2, found locked in squalid room with rotting food, urine and feces after his mother, 21, is arrested for DUI

A 2-year-old boy was found alone in a room in  a filthy house full of garbage without access to food or water, police  said.

A family member contact authorities in  Cumming, Georgia, after the boy’s mother, 21-year-old Stephanie Davis, had been  arrested on DUI charges.

Several deputies found the boy crying loudly  in a locked room, covered in excrement, and severely hungry and dehydrated.

Davis had apparently called the family  member around 4.40am last Friday after her arrest to let them know that  her  son was unattended.

When deputies arrived at Davis’ house, they  found a dog barking and running around the exterior of the property. The  residence itself was locked.

According to the Alpharetta  Patch, officers from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department  could also hear the cries of the baby boy.

In a news release, Sheriff Ted Paxton said: ‘Because of the extenuating circumstances, one of the deputies pulled the screen  off of the window and entered the home.’

He said that the deputy then went through the  window and into the room where he hear the child’s cries. ‘What he found was a  child that was trapped in his room by a closed door, equipped with a safety  device on the inside doorknob that prevented the child from opening the  door.’

The sheriff’s report then describes in  graphic detail the sordid conditions in which the boy was living, according to  the Atlanta  Journal-Constitution.

‘The child was dressed in a dirty white  (T-shirt). He had removed his diaper himself and it was on the floor, filled to  overflowing with feces. The child had feces on his hands, feet, and legs,’ Mr  Paxton said.

Mr Paxton said that the deputies’ first  course of action was cleaning the waste off of the crying child and putting a  clean diaper on him. But the sheriff noted that because of the general squalor  of the home, it was impossible to find clean clothes for the boy.

One deputy took it upon himself to retrieve  clothes and food from his own home to give to the boy, while others went to find  the boy clean water to drink.

It is unclear how long the boy was alone and  without food or drink, Patch reported. According to the release, the room in  which the boy was found had only a mattress and box springs in it. Other rooms  were in equal states of disarray.

‘I  commend the deputies for their response and for the caring actions at the  scene. This is a  situation that could have ended quite differently.’

-Sheriff  Ted Paxton

Officers described a pungent odour of urine,  rotting food, and feces coming from the house.In their search of the home – which was full of garbage and clothing strewn about the home – they found two  dogs, one of which had been barking outside of the house.

The other dog was found locked inside a cage.  Both were given water and taken to Animal Control.

On the porch, there were more than 50 bags  full to bursting with garbage, and inside, there was clothing strewn about on  the floor of the residence. Deputies  also found used razors and towels littering the home, and broken window  panes.

Davis was charged with cruelty to children in  the second degree, as well as reckless conduct.

Sheriff Paxton said he was thankful that his  deputies found the child when they did. ‘I commend the deputies for their  response and for the caring actions at the scene,’ he said in the release.

‘This is a situation that could have ended  quite differently.’

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