Special ed teacher ‘put autistic girl, 9, in a filing cabinet and ripped another’s hair out’

A special education teacher in Texas is being  sued after allegations arose that she locked an autistic student in a filing  cabinet, pulled another’s hair out, and called her students ‘retarded.’

Julie Gosch taught special needs students at  Juan Seguin Elementary School in Fort Bend County, Texas, but was fired earlier  this year after reports of her behaviour were leaked.

In shocking emails obtained  by the Houston  Chronicle,  Gosch’s alleged behaviour includes  telling her students that they were all losers and telling her two aids to ‘accidentally’ hit them, as well as allowing the pupils to eat food that had  fallen on the toilet.

Abuse: Julie Gosch, a special needs teacher, is being sued after allegedly putting a 9-year-old girl in a filing cabinet (file photo)

Abuse: Julie Gosch, a special needs teacher, is being  sued after allegedly putting a 9-year-old girl in a filing cabinet (file  photo)

It was the two aides who turned Gosch, 47, in  to the Fort Bend Independent School District officials in January, the Chronicle  reported.

Police launched an investigation into Gosch,  who had never before come under scrutiny for her teaching methods.

The lawsuit is filed by two families whose  children were allegedly victims of Gosch’s misconduct.

It also claims that the special needs  students were allowed to eat food that had fallen on the floor of the bathroom,  and make fun of students with disabilities.

The first family claims that their non-verbal  and autistic 9-year-old daughter was placed in a filing cabinet.

The other alleges that their 9-year-old  daughter was physically assaulted and had bits of her hair pulled out by  Gosch.

The parents of the girl put in the filing  cabinet allege that their daughter became increasingly claustrophobic at home  and would begin exposing herself, according to the Chronicle.

The lawsuit says that the girl’s behaviours  are all signs of sexual assault.

The former teacher did not respond to calls  made by MailOnline requesting comment.

Attorney Clint McGuire is representing the  two families in the lawsuit, and told the Chronicle that their primary concern  is that Gosch will no longer be able to teach.

He said that because of their condition, they  could be easily preyed upon. He told the paper: ‘When you have kids that don’t  speak for themselves, they become an easy target.’

According to state records, Gosch was  certified to teach music from Kindergarten to 12th grade, as well as generic  special education.

The Texas website notes that she is ‘currently under review by the SBEC Professional Discipline Unit.’

It is unclear how much compensation the two  families are seeking, but they are asking compensation for damages including  mental anguish, physical impairment, and out-of-pocket and medical  expenses.

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