Driver charged with DUI after alcohol level measures .328 per cent (that’s enough drink to put him in a coma)

An Arizona man has been charged with super  extreme DUI after recording a blood-alcohol content of .328 percent, officials  said.

Scott Jarc, 52, was arrested around 4am  Monday by Mohave County officials.

The Topock resident may now be facing four  DUI charges but he is lucky to be alive after allegedly getting behind the wheel  with enough alcohol in his body to put him in a coma.

In the early hours of Monday morning,  officials pulled over Jarc after they spotted him speeding,  reported AZCentral.

Deputies say  they smelt alcohol as they approached  Jarc’s car. He confessed to drinking earlier.

After field sobriety tests Jarc was arrested  and tests later revealed his  blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to be .328 per  cent.

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