Bank glitch allows gambler to withdraw $1.5m at three casinos (of course, he blew it all)

It’s a scenario we all dream about – stick a  credit card in the machine and out comes unlimited cash.

For one punter, such a scenario happened  several times when he went to casinos’ cash windows. And in the end, a retired  car worker in Detroit managed to withdraw around $1.5million before being  caught.

Ronald Page, 56, is now facing jail time with  prosecutors asking for at least 15 months after putting some of the blame for  his bottomless credit card on the banks.

In reality, Page only had a few hundred in  his account, but was left stunned and slightly greedy when he suddenly realised  what a gold mine his card had become.

A glitch in the system allowed him to  continue taking out large sums, and in the end racked up a seven-figure debt  which he then gambled away.

Page used the ATM at a Detroit casino and it  allowed him to make unlimited withdrawals.

The ATM spat out whatever amount Page  requested and the same thing happened when he made cash withdrawals at the  casino window.

Page continued to make withdrawals and gamble  again, and again.

Before Bank of America caught on, Page had  withdrawn $312,000 at Greektown Casino, $103,000 at MGM Grand Casino and  $514,000 at Motor City Casino.

After 15 days of unlimited withdrawals the  bank put a stop on the account, but not before $1.5 million was withdrawn and  then gambled away.

Now, a federal judge has to decide what to do  with Page.

Prosecutors recommended 15 months in prison  because they believe Page had a lapse of judgment and the bank was at fault for  allowing this to happen.

Page will face sentencing on June  27th.

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