Japanese ice bra launched to keep women cool this summer

A Japanese underwear firm Wednesday unveiled an ice bra, which aims to keep  women cool this summer without them resorting to energy-hungry air  conditioning.

The “Super Cool Bra” features built-in ice packs and aims to produce a  cooling feeling for all of the senses, its  manufacturer Triumph Japan   said in a  statement.

Each cup contains special gel packs that remain soft and supple when frozen  but give wearers a “super cool feeling.”

The boned side of the bra conveniently holds a mini fan, and each cup is  designed to resemble a small fish tank, which manufacturers say makes the bra  “visually cool.”

The bra is finished off with decorative mint leaves and wind chimes, which  dangle between the breasts and aim to “produce coolness in the senses of smell  and hearing,” Triumph said.

Models wearing tiny “cooling” skirts made of mosquito nets and bamboo blinds  showed off the new bra at a launch event.

The company said it developed the bra in a bid to reduce energy consumption  during hot Japanese summers, in line with the government’s “Super Cool Biz”  campaign.

With no working nuclear reactors following the Fukushima disaster in 2011,  the campaign urges Japanese workers to wear cool clothes for work rather than  relying on air conditioning, in a bid to save power.


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