The stupid in this story is almost overwhelming, but we’ll try to explain it to you.

Tyrone Price’s 8th grade son was reportedly dating the daughter of Michelle Kazmierczak, 46, a fifth-grade science teacher at Columbia Middle School in Ohio. At one point, the young lad compared Ms. Kazmierczak’s looks favorably to her daughter’s.

For some unknown reason, that allegedly prompted mom to send a picture of herself in a bra to the boy’s cell phone, and then later she went a step further and texted him a topless picture. (Can’t believe that worked, can you? The kid has earned a “Roger Sterling Award” for being able to hit on multiple generations of women in the same family.)

Anyway, the boy’s father, Mr. Price, reportedly found out about the naked pictures on his son’s cell phone and, according to Kazmierczak, tried to blackmail her. How much are topless pictures of a middle-aged, middle school teacher worth? $10,000? $5000? How about an Xbox? Yep, according to the teacher that’s all a picture of her naked breasts are worth on the open market these days and what Price allegedly asked for in exchange for his silence.  When Kazmierczak said she couldn’t do that because her husband would find out, Price then told her to sell her wedding ring or at least claim it was stolen and collect the insurance money. Classy.

At that point, Kazmierczak was dumb enough to report Price to the police for alleged extortion (he’s also accused of bilking a local youth football league out of more than $23,000, but that’s another dumbass story). But once the cops got involved, she then had to explain the story of how the topless photo got ON the kid’s phone to begin with, which lead to them investigating her.  In the end, Kazmierczak was suspended with pay from her teaching job and has formally been charged with disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, while Price faces two counts of extortion.

No word if their two kids are still dating, but we can only hope so.

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