Man attending anger management classes charged with assaulting children, girlfriend

A Myrtle Beach man who is attending anger management classes was arrested Monday after police said he assaulted his girlfriend, two children and another woman at their home over the weekend, according to a police report.

Bond was set at $52,500 for Lester Brandon Cook, 27, who is charged with two counts of unlawful neglect of child or helpless person by legal custodian, one count of third-degree assault and battery and one count of criminal domestic violence – second offense. He is being held at J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

According to an incident report, Cook became upset Saturday when he learned his children were in the bathtub and that one of them should have been taking a nap. One of the children started crying when Cook started drying him off too hard and fast and the girlfriend asked him “not to be so rough,” the report shows.

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The woman told police that Cook is attending anger management classes, but became upset. The children then went on the porch to play when one of them started crying. Cook “slung” one of the kids into the house and dragged the other one in as well, the report shows.

Cook then threw the 52-year-old woman against the wall when she asked Cook to stop harming the children, then pinned his girlfriend up against a wall, the report shows. The woman told officers that he yelled for the kids to leave the house, but that Cook grabbed one of them by the ankle and threw him “approximately 4 to 5 feet down a tile floor hallway where he landed on his back and head,” the report shows.

The four people escaped the house and locked themselves in a vehicle until Cook left.

One of the children was kept overnight at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center while the 52-year-old woman was treated and released from the hospital.

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