Tragedy at first birthday party as baby is killed as he tried to pet family’s 120lb mastiff dog

A baby boy has died after he was attacked by his family’s mastiff dog during his first birthday party.

A day after turning one, Jeremiah Eshew-Shahan was at his grandmother’s house in Las Vegas when he crawled over to the dog – a mastiff-rhodesian mix weighing about 120 pounds – and started to pet him.

The dog then attacked the baby, sinking his teeth into Jeremiah’s head and shaking him.


Tragedy: Jeremiah Eshew-Shahan has died after the family dog attacked him during his first birthday party


Deadly attack: The dog a Mastiff/Rhodesian mix weighing 120 pounds sunk his jaws into the baby’s face and shook him around

The boy’s distraught father, Chris Shahan, believes Jeremiah, who was just learning to walk, tried to grab the dog’s fur to stand up when the animal turned vicious.

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