Couple held at gunpoint by new NEIGHBORS who threatened to shoot them after thinking they were burglars

A couple moving into their new home were held at gunpoint by neighbors who assumed they were trying to rob the property.

Jean and Angelica Kalonji had gone to change the locks on their house when they were threatened with being shot.

The couple had just entered the property in Newton County, Georgia when neighbors turned up, armed with guns.

Ordering them to stick their hands up, Angelica and Jean were then forced to spend the night in jail after the police were called and they could not produce closing papers for the sale.

‘He told us to put our hands up and to get out of the house or they would shoot us,’ Congo-born Jean told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Despite assuring their neighbors that they had just purchased the house, the police who were called did not believe them either.

The homeowners were arrested and taken away in a patrol car by Newton County Sheriff deputies and later charged with loitering and prowling.

The dispute was cleared up the following day and the couple were released.

‘They rightfully own this house,’ said Yvette Harris, the couple’s real estate agent.

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