Sadistic cousins high on drugs ‘laughed as they beat autistic man with a pool cue and smeared faeces on his face’

Two cousins who beat an autistic man with a pool cue and smeared faeces on his face for their own ‘sadistic amusement’ have been jailed.

The vulnerable victim feared he was going to be killed during his three-hour ordeal at the hands of Karl Taylor and Ashley Sorby, Teesside Crown Court heard.

He was humiliated with a pool cue, repeatedly beaten, had his face smeared with faeces, was stripped and made to run naked along the street, and had his ear burned with a cigarette.

The man, since diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, was also made to stand naked in a wheelie-bin while the pair threw cold water over him.

Robin Turton, prosecuting, told the court how Sorby, 22, and Taylor, 26 also pretended to shoot him in the head, made him bark like a dog and throttled him with their hands and with a scarf.

Mr Turton said the victim was ‘understandably petrified, shaking with fear and thought he was going to die’ during the ordeal he said was ‘driven by sadistic delight’.

He was locked in Taylor’s home in Hartlepool, Cleveland, for more than four hours, and was allowed to leave only when he promised the pair he would not tell the police.

After fleeing to a relative’s house where the alarm was raised, he said: ‘I’m not a man no more.

‘I haven’t got any pride.

‘I feel ashamed, that night destroyed me.’

Mr Turton told the court the attackers had been out in town and Taylor was angry because the victim, who has autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, had not helped him in an earlier fight.

The two cousins, who were drunk, on drugs and laughed throughout the episode, also made their frightened victim telephone his girlfriend and falsely confess to raping a teenager.

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