Fights erupt at car show party and bikini contest. Who woulda thought?

(Warning: Video contains explicit language.)

A party at Frank-N-Stein’s bar in Katy drew crowds so big that neighboring businesses complained and fights erupted in the parking lot, according to KTRK.

The event was part of TX2K12, a performance car show, and featured a late-night bikini contest.

At 10:40 p.m., though, Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrive to respond to complaints from a nearby Fiesta store. They arrested a driver burning rubber in the parking lot, and the crowd threw bottles and trash at them, KTRK reported.

In the video above, the deputies make the arrest and everyone taunts them by chanting “bull—-.”

TX2K12 organizers warned the few thousand participants to park in designated areas and avoid such rowdy behavior.

“Please do not drive in a unlawful manner. There will be a lot of people walking around the parking lot. We do not need anyone injured by someone trying to show-off,” their website said. “There will be police officers at the meet working that will ticket you for anything that warrants it.”

Police made arrests in previous years over incidents taking place at a local hotel where participants were staying. The “burnout aftermath” was posted on YouTube (explicit language warning).

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