11 children found living in East Texas house; 3 tied to bed. Good news, 8 weren’t!

DAYTON, Texas – In a case police say is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before, 21 people – including at least 11 children – were found living in a single home in Liberty County.

Eight of those kids were found together in a dark bedroom at the back of the home. Police said three of them, including a 5-year-old blind girl, were tied to their beds.

Detectives said the 5-year-old’s mattress was filthy.

Though CPS took custody of the 11 children, police said as far as they knew Monday, no charges were filed against any of the adults in the home.

The adult residents told police they didn’t think there was anything wrong with tying the kids to the beds, because it was for their safety.

They said they sometimes tied the children up for two to three hours a day, and again at night.

Douglas Waller, a man who claims to be the biological father of one of the children, said he’s fighting to get custody of his 2-year-old daughter.

“It is very, very disturbing when you figure your daughter or son is safe with their grandmother, and come to find out they’re not,” Waller said. “I would like charges put down on them for abuse of children – child abuse.”

“This woman is supposed to be their caregiver, the one that loves them and cherishes them and she’s the one tying them up. It’s wrong. It’s just wrong,” Waller added. “It makes me want to grab ahold of somebody and just slap them.”

Waller said he’s most bothered by the idea of his child being tied up on a bed.

“None of them should be allowed to be returned to that house, none of the children,” Waller said. “When you injure a child, whether it be physical or emotional, it scars them for life. And that’s something they’re going to have to have time to get over, and sometimes it takes a long time.”

Attempts were made to contact the Liberty County District Attorney’s Office about the case, but they were closed for Presidents Day on Monday.

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