Teacher, 25, ‘gave male students vodka and had sex in her bed with one while another watched’

A teacher has been accused of having sex with one of her students and sexually assaulting another boy she had invited into her bedroom.

Jennifer Schultz is alleged to have allowed both boys to drink vodka at her home before letting them sleep in her bedroom.

Prosecutors said she lay down between the two boys and began having sex with one of the teens while the other watched.

The 25 year old is alleged to have offered to have sex with the other teen and when he refused began to fondle him.

According to an arrest warrant the student told Schultz to stop.

Both of the students involved were 17 years old and from Hebron High School in Hebron, North Dakota, where worked as a English teacher.

The alleged sexual encounters took place last November and after school officials heard about the incident suspended Schultz from her post.

She later resigned and moved to Minnesota while police carried out their investigation.

After learning that she would face charges Schultz waived her right to extradition and turned herself in where she was charged with felony sexual assault and corruption of minors.

Charging documents revealed that four students aged from 16-18 turned up at Schultz’s home and asked her if she wanted to drink some shots with them.

Schultz supplied the teen with a bottle of Blue UV Vodka,

Two boys, aged 18 and 16, left while the other two went to sleep in Schultz’s bedroom where the sexual encounters later took place.

When the teens left her home after an overnight stay she allegedly told them if they were seen to tell people they were looking after a dog.

After being charged Schultz posted a $5,000 bond.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2093976/Teacher-gave-male-students-vodka-sex-bed-watched.html#ixzz1l3PcgweJ

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