Mother arrested for leaving kids aged 3 and 5 on street with just extra diapers.

A mother has been arrested after she abandoned her two daughters aged just three and five on the street with only a few extra diapers.

Dalisha Adams, 26, from Brooklyn, was picked up by police on Sunday night after leaving her children in the cold near housing projects in Brooklyn around 3pm.

Two women came across them and stayed with the young girls until police arrived.

Though they were bundled up warm wearing hooded down coats and Ugg boots, they seemed shaken up and very confused as to why they were abandoned near Bayview Housing Projects on Shore Parkway in Brooklyn, according to the New York Daily News.

The Bay View Houses are about a mile-and-a-half from the Breukelen Houses, where Adams lives with her daughters and their eight-year-old sister, who was with relatives when the incident happened.

A neighbour of the mother claims she often heard Adams screaming at her children.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, told the New York Daily News: ‘She was always yelling at the kids, “Shut the f*** up”.

‘One day, I heard her curse out the little baby, “I’ll punch you in the f***ing face.’

She also said she heard more shouting on Sunday shortly before the girls were abandoned.

‘A kid was crying. She was saying, “Stop crying, shut the f*** up. I’m gonna get you out of here”,’ she said.

Other neighbours said the children were always well dressed and clean but a resident of the housing project they lived at told the Daily News she would often shout and curse at them and pull on their arms.

Five-year-old Domini told the Daily News her younger sister was called Dioni and they lived in a blue house with flowers in front of it on 53rd street, but she did not know which borough of New York it was.

‘A kid was crying. She was saying, “Stop crying, shut the f*** up. I’m gonna get you out of here”‘

She also said her mother’s name was Dalisha and she drove a white car.

The older daughter, who said her name was Domini, told a photographer: ‘Mommy just left us on the sidewalk and drove away.’

The children showed no signs of physical abuse but were taken to Brookdale University Hospital for observation.

Just after 10pm on Sunday night, police arrived at Adams’ house and opened the door with a crow bar, but she was not at home.

Adams was arrested after police matched the girls’ identity with photo records from Administration for Children’s Services, where the children are currently in custody.

Adams was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, police said.

Police were alerted to the the abandoned children by an elderly couple who found them standing at a busy intersection with the diapers in their arms as cars zoomed by them.

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