Husband turns in sex-predator dance teacher wife, 34, to police after discovering she was teaching more than the foxtrot to a pupil, aged 15

A mother-of-two has been found guilty of having sex with a 15-year-old boy she taught tap dancing – after her husband found condoms in her dance bag and texts between the two on her phone.

Kimberly Sauto, 34, from North Ridgeville, Ohio, had denied having sex with the teenager in the back of her car in August 2011.

But Sauto, who has two young sons, admitted to sending the youngster love letters and told the court she still loved him.

She had been turned into police by her husband Richard, who had discovered condoms in her dance bag and text messages between his wife and the boy.

The revelations appear at odds with photographs of the couple, who had an apparently content family life with their two young sons.

Pictures from social networking sites show their joy at their 2009 wedding, followed by the birth of Sauto’s second son in October 2010.

The photographs of the proud parents holding their baby come just months before the affair with her student.

After discovering the messages last October, Mr Sauto alerted authorities and his wife was arrested.

While the case was pending, prosecutors found a series of love letters Sauto had written to the victim, Akron News Now reported.

She was pulled before a judge on Friday, but claimed she had not had a sexual relationship with the boy.

‘The defendant admitted that she had written him love letters, admitted to the text messages, admitted to kissing him, but did deny having a sexual relationship with him,’ said prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh.

‘These types of cases are always very difficult, particularly when our victim is a boy and the defendant is a female.

‘He did testify against her. She testified as well that she loved him and even went so far as to say that she still loves him today.

She added: ‘She had sex with her student and he was only 15. It’s just plain wrong and it’s illegal.’

But testifying in court, the unidentified teenager said they did have sex.

Sauto was found guilty on one felony count of unlawful sexual conduct and will be held in the Summit County Jail.

Judge Judy Hunter added: ‘I think it is appropriate to revoke the bond. In fact, it is my order that this defendant be taken into custody.’

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