Another bad idea, Woman used make-up to fake rape claim.

A SCORNED ex-girlfriend used dark make-up to fake her own rape and  beating after being dumped by her sailor boyfriend.

Former Royal Australian Navy Able Seaman Warren Clark, 28, pleaded guilty in  Darwin Magistrates Court to possessing 0.2g of cannabis and a taser.
He  escaped conviction and was fined $300.
But his lawyer Robert Welfare told  magistrate Michael Carey police only found the weapon and drugs because of a  search warrant that was executed in relation to an allegation of  rape.
“(His ex-girlfriend) put make-up on her eye and went to police and  told them she had been raped and bashed,” he said.
“Police found this was  a complete fabrication.”
Mr Carey was arrested for serious sexual  offences on the naval base and put in a paddy wagon in front of his  colleagues.

“She alleged I sexually assaulted her, that I held her  against her will and that I had a wad of cash and weapons.”
Mr Clark,  whose family has been in the navy for four generations, said it was “unjust”  that he had to face criminal charges because of a search warrant that was  executed on a false statement.
Mr Welfare told the court the cannabis was  for personal use and the taser was given to his client as a prank.
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