Ex US President George Bush faces arrest for violation of human rights

Once all-powerful president of the United States George W Bush is now facing severe allegations of violating international laws and human rights during his tenure as the president. He is charged with a number of allegations of committing crime against the humanity because he is believed to have actually launched an offensive against Afghanistan and Iraq in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

Bush in his second tenure embroiled the United States in turmoil of war on terror that has refused so far to go away. After 9/11, Bush announced to go after terrorists and so-called militants based in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries. Bush administration believed the attacks were masterminded in Afghanistan by al-Qaeda and it can also plan more attacks in other western countries. Now most of the discerning analysts and observers believe that it was just a drama as the notion does not have a cogent proof to be established.

It is said now that war on terror has just proved to be a war against Muslim countries because it was waged in Muslim countries. One of the most important things is that Muslim countries are weak, incompetent, parochial and most of the Arab countries especially are authoritarian in nature. So, Bush administration did not confront any difficulty in finding its allies in the Muslim countries. The then president of Pakistan Gen Pervez Musharraf promised to be an ally of the US on war against terror just on one telephone call by Bush.

The so-called war on terror has cost Pakistan too much as around 35,000 civilians and 5,000 security personnel have laid down their lives in this war. Pakistan became hub of terrorists and militants after the war against Afghanistan and Iraq. Terrorists started wreaking havoc across the country for its alliance with the US because they believed the US was fighting a war against Muslims rather terrorists.

The US is also labeled to attack the countries just to have economic benefits as Afghanistan is rich of minerals while Iraq has got enough oil reserves. In this backdrop, Amnesty International has urged Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia to arrest George Bush for violating international torture laws. The leadership of the countries is also urged to prosecute the president for crime against humanity.

It is said George Bush formally allowed torture on detainees during his tenure that is sheer violation of international laws and human rights. To support its argument, the Amnesty cites a number of instances of torture on war detainees at the Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba etc by the US military. And this torture was officially authorized and military was immune to any prosecution against any such charge. Hundreds and thousands of suspects were arrested from different countries including Pakistan after 9/11 and later sold to the US for dollars. Bush’s predecessors should learn a lesson from him and avoid using the tactics which he used and earned a bad name.

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