Elderly man mistakenly donates $13,000 in coat pocket

MOLINE, IL (WQAD/CNN) – An Illinois man who donated some clothes to Goodwill made a costly mistake when he accidentally gave away a suit that had $13,000 in its pockets.

The 80-year-old donated several of his old suits and dress pants to the Goodwill store in Moline, but later realized he had made a terrible mistake.

Now the store is scouring through its donations in hopes of finding the money.

“The elderly man didn’t realize his mistake until at least a week later. When he did, he and his daughter searched the inventory here, coat by coat, without any luck,” Goodwill Spokeswoman Dana Engelbert said.

Goodwill said it doesn’t know if the coat has been sold to anybody or not, but right now is combing through piles of clothes at its warehouse in Iowa City, trying to find the coat.

The organization said it has no reason not to believe the story and will keep looking through all of its donations to try and right the poor man’s $13,000 wrong.

“We’re hoping that it’s still there and we find it for them,” Engelbert said.

In case the suit was already sold, the man’s daughter is offering a $1,000 reward if the new owner comes forward and “does the right thing.”

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