AHAHA, You Are So Dumb: How Not To Use Tow Straps


This is an almost-hard-to-believe-somebody-is-really-that-stupid video of some idiot who thinks the right way to use tow straps to pull a stuck vehicle is to make sure there’s a lot of slack (“I’ve got 30-feet of strap”), then slam the truck in reverse as fast as you can. Obviously, the results are very pleasing to us, the viewer. The guy filming it seemed to enjoy it too. Man — stupid people. It just sucks they exist in real life too and not just Youtube videos.

Timothy Tucker Beat Girlfriend With Couple’s Two Week Old Puppy Until It Died


A 51-year-old man has been sentenced to six months in jail after authorities say he assaulted his girlfriend with a two-week-old puppy until the animal died.

Timothy-TuckerTimothy Tucker also was sentenced Tuesday to four years of probation and entry into the Swift and Sure Sanctions Program. He was ordered to pay state fees and restitution.

Tucker pleaded guilty in December to third-offense domestic violence as a second-time habitual offender. The Kalamazoo Gazette reports one count of killing/torturing animals was dismissed was part of a plea deal.

According to court documents, Tucker punched his girlfriend in the face in November, and then repeatedly struck her with the couple’s puppy.

Tucker will receive credit for 68 days he’s already served in jail.

Hot New Trend in Men’s Fashion: Visible Penis (NSFW).


A sure highlight of this season’s menswear shows during Paris Fashion Week: the Rick Owens fall/winter 2015 collection. If you love dick, that is. (Or if you’re a guy who loves a breeze running along your foreskin and balls on a cool fall’s afternoon, I suppose.)

gallery_nrm_1421948206-owens_m_rf15_0569Writes William Van Meter, in a review of the Owens show for The Cut, “2015 is shaping up to be about the bulge in fashion land.” How exciting. After a series of “conventional” menswear looks — and that’s conventional by Owens’ grunge rock-alypse sportswear aesthetic, at least — the collection skewed toward rampant voyeurism and exposed peens akimbo. But it was spiritual, maybe?

Then a kind of religious tribal element seeped in with shiftlike robes, some dangling with fluttering materials reminiscent of wind chimes. Some of them had an arched peephole opening revealing the model’s manhood. This actually heightened the religiosity aspect. It wasn’t done in bad taste, but it was mysterious, like sending out bold fertility gods.

21.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xWE RECOMMEND
Major Paris Fashion Show Casts Step Team Instead…
Or, without much of that pseudo-religious, phallus-worshipping context, it’s like an extra neckline or collar stitched in the monastic-style garments. Of course, the only head poking out is … well, it’s a glans. That’s the joke:

Oh, and the penises “flopped,” Van Meter writes — though that’s a description presumably of their motion on the runway, not of their stature. Remember: It’s not nice to shame fashion models for their physiques, after all.

Government spent half million to understand gay arousal


The government spent less than half a million dollars in an effort to understand Grindr, the app that gays used for hook ups.

330The grant was rewarded to Columbia University through National Institutes of Health (NIH). The study aims to determine how gay users use and communicate through the site. The researchers also measure the emotional states and impulsivity of the users.

The study included 60 males where in 25 percent of whom are HIV positive. Participants are from different backgrounds.

According to the project description, “The overall study goal is to understand how sexual risk behaviors among men seeking men (MSM) may be facilitated by the nature of GPS-enabled smartphone applications, the way they are used, and the process by which sexual partnering occurs via smartphone applications.”

The researchers conducted qualitative interviews with the participants (20 African American, 20 Latino, 20 White; 25% of whom are HIV-positive). All participants used smartphone applications to meet sexual partners in the last 90 days.

The researchers said they want to find out how men communicate and introduce themselves when trying to find a partner using smartphone applications.

Grindr is the most popular all-male location-based social network out there which started in 2009.

According to Grindr’s site, ‘With more than 5 million guys in 192 countries around the world—and approximately 10,000 more new users downloading the app every day—you’ll always find a new date, buddy, or friend on Grindr.’

According to experts, people using apps such as Grindr and Tinder (social site for straight people looking for partners) have a higher risk of getting STI’s. The study also aims to find the sexual risk involved in using the said apps.

Based on the result of the study, the risk of infection for sexually transmitted disease is higher for those who meet people through apps than for those who meet sexual partners online or in bars and clubs.

In addition, smartphone users were 23 per cent more likely to be infected with gonorrhoea and 35 per cent more likely to be infected with chlamydia.

The study’s conclusion: ‘Technology is redefining sex on demand. Prevention programmes must learn how to effectively exploit the same technology, and keep pace with changing contemporary risk factors for [sexually transmitted infections] and HIV transmission.’

Watch: Hilarity, Violence Ensue When Grandparents Play Grand Theft Auto


We never get tired of those “Kids React” videos—where kids and teens give their opinions on everything from music videos to 80’s fashion—but the latest video that has us in stitches features an older set of subjects. The React channel on YouTube got a bunch of older folks together and set them loose in the world of Grand Theft Auto V.

Their reactions as they play through are hilarious. It takes some time for them to figure out the controls, but once they got the hang of it, things quickly go from law-abiding to gratuitous violence.

While all of the participants chose fairly tame activities at first—following real-world traffic laws, stopping at the red lights—things start getting comical when they realize it’s possible to steal cars, beat up passersby and run over pedestrians.

Of course, at first they’re a little skeptical about the profanity and violence, and take part in it with cautious restraint. Once the elders figure out how to use guns, however, the game turns into an all out rampage.

The best part is watching the group go from disapproval, to enthusiastic participants wrecking havoc and mayhem on the in-game city of Los Santos. At the end, their reactions are mixed. Some admitted the violence was a fun release—it’s just a game, while others maintained that they disapproved the glorification of violence.

Check out the shenanigans in the video above.