Woman “profoundly embarrassed” of urinating in Aldi supermarket aisle


A woman is said to be “profoundly embarrassed” of being caught urinating on the shop floor of a Llanelli supermarket.

9727969-largeAmanda Jayne Warner has pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in a public place following the incident on February 20.

At 9pm that evening 40-year-old Warner entered a branch of Aldi on Swanfield Place. The shop’s security guard noticed Warner was speaking very loudly on the phone and swearing.

“She was doing her shopping but she was also approaching other shoppers and asking them to speak down the phone. She was clearly being a nuisance,” prosecutor Ellie Morgan told Llanelli Magistrates Court.

The security guard followed Warner into another aisle and witnessed her leaning over and urinating through her clothes onto the shop floor.

She then walked over to a cashier but was refused when she tried to buy alcohol because she appeared to be intoxicated.

As the rest of her items were scanned, Warner became verbally abusive so she was told to leave the store.

Her shouting continued outside the shop until police arrived. Officers said that she was clearly drunk and carried on swearing, despite being warned, resulting in her eventual arrest.

Mrs Morgan said: “The large wet patch on the front of her clothing matched the description given by staff.”

Defending Warner, Steve Lloyd said that she had been working through several issues and had been taking medication.

“She says she didn’t have a vast quantity to drink but alcohol with her medication isn’t a good combination,” he said.

“She is profoundly embarrassed but you will see that there are bizarre elements linked in with this.

“She apologises to you. She is very sad about her actions.”

Warner was fined £40 and ordered to pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20.

Chocolate Easter bunny costs $49K thanks to diamond eyes


It took a master chocolatier, cocoa from Tanzania and two solitaire diamonds to create what’s being billed as the world’s most extravagant chocolate Easter bunny, worth $49,000 — or, the price of a high-end car.

imageThe specs are impressive: The bunny statuette measures 38 cm (about a foot tall) and weighs in at 5 kg (11 lbs) — about the weight of an average cat — equal to 548,000 calories.

But what makes this particular edible animal over the top is its eyes, a pair of 1.07-carat solitaire diamonds valued at more than $37,320.

Commissioned by British luxury retail site VeryFirstTo.com, the chocolate bunny was carved by pastry chef Martin Chiffers, former Chef Décor of Harrods in London, and took two days to complete.

Diamonds were supplied by 77 Diamonds in London, which claims to possess the largest selection of diamonds in the world.

It’s the latest outrageous stunt from VeryFirstTo, which has made a name for itself launching extravagant, jaw-dropping products and packages that border on the ridiculous.

Last Christmas, for example, the online retailer created a holiday hamper filled with a 200-year-old cognac, caviar, truffles, foie gras, and foie gras with truffles worth $134,650, and a Valentine’s Day dinner package prepared by a Michelin-starred chef went for for $99,300.

In the market for a diamond-studded bunny? Orders must be placed by March 28 at veryfirstto.com.

Broken traffic signal flips off pedestrians



To fix the signal, Sorensen said it will likely cost $200, including labor and materials. The LED lights cost about $150.

The newer LED signals and lights, which last longer than and use less energy than incandescent lights, have a lifetime of about 10 years. Sorensen said the signals and lights are more susceptible to failure in the cold, but even then the department receives only “a handful” of repair calls every day.

Kevin Matthews Accused Of Molesting 3-Year-Old Boy During Delta Air Lines Flight


Kevin Matthew has been accused of sexually abusing a 3-year-old boy sitting beside him during a Delta Air Lines flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City.

Kevin-MatthewsAccording to FBI agent Dustin Grant, the boy was on the plane with his parents but they were unable to sit together because they were flying standby.

The 3-year-old was placed beside 48-year-old Matthews while his mother was seated on the same row, but across the center aisle. She was initially concerned, but relaxed a little when she saw that Matthews was being helpful and friendly to her son.

The mother says she was unable to see what may have gone on between Matthews and her son, but two women sitting behind had their hinky meters going off because of some of the things they were seeing.

During the flight, Matthews let the boy play with his iPad and iPhone, according to witnesses. The boy’s mother told Grant she “couldn’t really see what was going on the entire time” because of where she was sitting.

A woman sitting behind Matthews told investigators that Matthews “appeared to be drunk and was extremely friendly and handsy with the boy,” Grant wrote in his report.

Matthews was constantly giving the boy high fives and asked the boy if he could hold his hand. The women felt this behavior was an odd and inappropriate way for an adult male to act with a young boy he didn’t know, so they kept an eye on things.

Near the end of the flight, one of the women became concerned when she noticed that Matthews kept looking over at the boy’s mother. When she stood up to get a better look at what was going on, she told the agent that Matthews had his open hand on the sleeping boy’s groin.

When she confronted Matthews, he denied doing anything wrong and moved his hand to the boy’s leg. The woman called for a flight attendant told the boy’s mother what she witnessed.

When interviewed, he admitted he drank wine during the flight, but that he was not drunk. He admitted that he did ask the boy to hold his hand and said that if he did touch the boy, it was by accident.

Matthews was charged with abusive sexual contact and had his bail set at $10,000. He was ordered to have no contact with minors without permission, is barred from traveling without permission, and must submit to electronic monitoring.

FINALLY: Synthetic Hair Octopus Hairpieces Now For Sale




For the woman who has everything …. but this! Cute little octopuses that sit in your hair and will be sure to turn heads!

Per the woman making these: “Not much to see right now I’m afraid but I’ve got more materials ordered and will soon be making new colours! If you would like to commission a specific colour please send me a message!”

You can see more colours I’ve done (but aren’t limited to) in my gallery: http://deeed.deviantart.com/gallery/31695495/Wig-Styling

Mother forces her daughter to eat braised mice for breakfast (to give her a nutritious boost before work)


A woman from south-east China has caused a heated online debate after posting a picture of her breakfast of braised mice, served up by her mother.

Mum Says Mice Good For Healthy HaiA resident of Fuzhou in Fujian Province, the woman, who is simply known as Miss Chen, said her mother insisted on her finishing a bowl of mice that morning before she rushed to work.

She said her mother believed she was looking jaded and the dish would help as it was ‘highly nutritious’, reported the People’s Daily Online.

Miss Chen said at first she thought they were braised rabbits. After realising they were mice, she refused to eat, but her mum pressured her to eat them all.

‘My mum said it was a great effort to pluck out all the hair from these mice,’ said Miss Chen. ‘She said it’s hard work.’

She ate all mice reluctantly with her eyes shut, and she said she felt sick all morning.