Oscar?!: Man Commits To Living In Dumpster For A Year


“Professor Dumpster will be spending one year in a dumpster that is approximately 6 feet x 6 feet, or about 1% the size of the average new American home. Professor Dumpster, in his bid to become part of the ‘new 1%’ will strive to use 1% the water, 1% the energy, and create 1% the waste of the average American home,” reads The Dumpster Project website.

The Dumpster Project will be completed in three phases, starting when Wilson took occupancy in February 2014: camping in a bare-bones dumpster (shown here); living in a dumpster “home,” with additions such as storage and a bed; and then fine-tuning the dumpster into the ultimate sustainable home.

Police Bust College Student, 21, On Jogging While Intoxicated Charge


A college student was arrested last night for jogging while intoxicated, Pennsylvania police report.

jamesfinan2James Finan, 21, was spotted “jogging alongside Rte. 378 without any light” around 1:30 Sunday morning, according to a Lower Saucon Township Police Department report. Finan attends nearby DeSales University, where he is a business major.

According to cops, “vehicles were observed to take defensive measures to avoid Finan” as he ran alongside the roadway.

When cops confronted Finan, he reportedly smelled of booze and was unsteady on his feet. A subsequent Breathalyzer registered the collegian’s blood alcohol content at .19, more than twice the legal limit (when you’re behind the wheel).

Finan, a New Jersey native, was cited for public drunkenness. According to his Facebook page, Finan (seen above) is a big golf fan and has joined the Facebook group of Joe’s Liquors: King of Kegs, a New Jersey business.

Motivated Cops Chase Down Oregon Man Who Stole Pastry-Packed Donut Land Delivery Van


After leading police on a two-mile chase, an Oregon man who stole a delivery van packed with doughnuts pulled the vehicle over and placed his hands out the window as a pastry fell from his grip, according to cops.

johansen0930The 2004 Chevrolet Astro van was stolen around 2 AM today when its driver stopped to make a delivery in Portland. The vehicle is owned by Donut Land, a business headquarted in Tualatin, a Portland suburb.

Investigators allege that Peter Leon Johansen, 34, got into the unlocked vehicle and drove off. But soon after the van was boosted, a cop spotted the vehicle and gave chase.

Johansen eventually pulled over and complied with an officer’s demands to put his hands out the van’s window. “The suspect put his hands out the window and the officer observed a pastry fall from the suspect’s hand,” according to a Portland Police Bureau report.

Pictured above, Johansen was arrested and charged with stealing the van and fleeing from police. He was booked into the Multnomah County jail, where he is locked up in lieu of $15,000 bail.

While the Donut Land vehicle was not damaged during the chase, “there were donuts all over the inside of the van,” investigators noted. It is unlear whether cops had to impound any of the pastries for evidentiary purposes.

Rashad Deihim Is Wanted After He And His Girlfriend Kailyn Bonia Record A Rape On Snapchat


A dangerous Massachusetts teen deviant is on the run after police said he drugged, beat and raped a 16-year-old girl, then snapped a video of the bruised and naked victim, and sent it to her friend.

bjftyqCops are hunting for Rashad Deihim, 19, after the disturbing Sept. 3 incident, which allegedly took place at a popular teen hangout in the woods behind a Saugus, Mass., elementary school.

Authorities have already charged the man’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Kailyn Bonia, with assault to rape, indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or over, posing or exhibiting a child in a sexual act and kidnapping.

She pleaded not guilty Sept. 12 in Lynn District Court and is held in custody without bail. A third teen, a 17-year-old boy, faces the same charges, plus a count of dissemination of child pornography.

The brutal crime was filmed and sent to other teens on the Snapchat phone app. The popular picture and video application automatically deletes images seconds after they are received.

The implications of the sickening crime will last much longer than that.

The girl was barely breathing when she was found, fully nude, in some bushes behind the Douglas Waybright School in Saugus, the victim’s mom told WHDH-TV.

“What they did was disgusting it was sick, I almost lost my daughter,” the mother told the news station. “She was barely breathing, she was found with nothing on. If she wasn’t found when she was found … she wouldn’t be here right now.”

Cops were first notified of the incident after the girl’s friend received a Snapchat showing the naked victim.

1j9mxfThe Snapchat images show Bonia groping the girl, while a second shows her trying to force the victim to give oral sex to one of the other teens, the Daily Item of Lynn, Mass. reported

The friend told her father, who called police. Authorities found the victim badly impaired and had to pull her out of the woods on a backboard before rushing her to the hospital.

“She had fingerprints, at least two hands held down by her throat,” the mom told the Boston NBC affiliate. “Top to bottom bruised, her breasts were bruised, her whole body was ripped, shredded, broken toes.”

The hospital confirmed the sexual assault, and a nurse told WHDH that the girl was slipped an odorless, liquid drug — enough of it to reportedly take down two horses, the TV station reported.

She lost consciousness and was revived by two doses of Narcan, a drug used to reverse heroin and opiate overdoses, according to The Item.

Described as 5-foot, 8-inches tall with a skinny build, light skin and brown hair, Deihim weighs approximately 180 or 185 pounds and should be considered dangerous, police said. He faces the same charges as Bonia, and police fear he may try to flee the state.

Hidden ‘Bra Cam’ Reveals How Many Times A Day Your Breasts Are Stared At


CONTRARY to what some men might imagine, it is blindingly obvious to a woman when her breasts are being stared at.

But what about the less overt, split-second glances our bosoms attract on a day-to-day basis? Nestlé attached a hidden camera to the bra of a female volunteer in London to find out, and somewhat predictably, discovered that it happens constantly.

Some men had clearly mastered the art of subtlety better than others, and women were just as likely to sneak a peek at the volunteer’s breasts as their male counterparts; resulting in 36 recorded glances in one day.

To be fair to the starers, the volunteer in this experiment was strolling around London with almost her entire lurid pink bra on show, worn under a mostly un-zipped sweater.

As she makes her way around the city – stopping by coffee shops, taking the underground and at the office – the number of breast-glances rapidly clocks up.

Interestingly, the many women who stare at her chest do so in a much more blatant fashion, some with a detectable air of disapproval.

In one clip, a baby quite reasonably gazes at the woman’s breasts, and in another, even a dog is drawn to them.

The video is part of a new Nestlé Fitness campaign which encourages women to examine their own breasts for early signs of breast cancer.

‘Your breasts are checked out every day,’ the end-caption reads. ‘So, when was the last time you checked your own?’

It may be everywhere, but our human fascination with breasts is actually something of a mystery among scientists. Women are the only female mammals whose breasts develop at puberty, irrespective of pregnancy.

Additionally, male humans are the only mammals who show interest in breasts in a sexual context.

Whatever the reason for this, there’s also a specific size ratio that men find most alluring, according to a recent study conducted by London-based plastic surgeon Dr Patrick Malluci.

‘Beckoning breasts’ – as they’ve been dubbed – are ’45per cent of the breast being above the line of the nipples and 55per cent below.’

Scarlett Johansson and Kate Middleton are both triumphant members of this category.

Woman Spends A Month In Jail After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs For Meth


Uh oh…

A Georgia woman was held in jail for one month after cops mistook sauce from a can of SpaghettiOs for methamphetamine, the Gainesville Times reports.

n-HUFF-largeAshley Huff, a 23-year-old woman from the city of Commerce, was the passenger in a car that was pulled over on July 2. Police noticed she had a spoon in her bag that had “some residue” on it. Huff told them it was just SpaghettiO sauce, but they slapped her with a charge of possession of methamphetamine.

Huff was jailed for about two weeks, then released on earned recognizance, her attorney, Chris van Rossem, told The Huffington Post. However, one of the conditions of her release was that she would make a series of court appointments, and after she missed one, she was reincarcerated on August 2.

Unable to afford to pay bond, Huff stayed behind bars until September 18, when a lab analysis found that the substance on the spoon contained no illicit substances.

Van Rossem speculated that the reason the crime lab analysis took so long was simply because of the sheer volume of cases the lab needs to process. Huff’s results, he said, actually came back “relatively quickly.”

Even though Huff knew she was innocent, during the weeks she sat in jail she was strongly considering taking a plea deal — and a permanent criminal record — just so she could get out, Van Rossem told HuffPost.

“You just get worn out, your spirit gets worn down,” the attorney said. “You reach a point where you’ll do anything just to get out of jail.”

All charges against Huff have been dismissed.

She is now contemplating taking legal action, according to KRON 4, but police officers say they acted in good faith. The arresting officer said he “found it strange” that Huff would eat SpaghettiOs and put the spoon in her purse.

Her explanation is that she had been eating the SpaghettiOs out of the can in the car, and after she was finished, threw the can out and tossed the spoon into her bag.

Officers also say they conducted a field test, and the substance tested positive for methamphetamine. Field tests, however, can often be incorrect, as was evidenced in a 2013 case in which a white brick that field-tested positive for cocaine ended up being homemade soup.