Look: In this Shanxi restaurant’s bathroom, sexy mannequins watch you pee



Images published online yesterday of a men’s bathroom in a Taiyuan city restaurant feature some of the mostunique urinals we’ve yet witnessed. (And we’ve witnessed many.)


Male patrons who approach the toilet bowls to drain the main vein are greeted by a line of scantily-clad mannequins gazing at them from behind a glass wall.



Apparently male customers have repeatedly had to double-check that they’re in the right place after walking into the bathroom to see what could be an art installation but may just as well be catering to some weird form of fetishism we’ve yet to catch on to.

Unfortunately for the more bladder-shy patrons, it looks like they’re gonna have to hold it in for a while.


Woman With A 2 Foot 8 Inch Husband Says He’s “One Of The Most Sexual People” She’s Ever Met


Screen-Shot-2015-01-09-at-9.54.09-AM-480x336Arizona resident Mindie Kniss is happily married to 2-foot-8-inch-tall Sean Stephenson — a man who she says is “one of the most sexual people” she has ever met. “Just because he’s disabled doesn’t mean we don’t have an awesome sex life,” Kniss told Barcroft Media. “It was different than having sex with an averaged-size person, of course — but it wasn’t a problem at all.”  The couple, both motivational speakers, met through a mutual friend in 2009 and tied the knot in 2012 after Kniss moved to Chicago to be closer to her tiny beloved. Throughout their relationship, the lovebirds were constantly targeted by online bullies who suggested Stephenson couldn’t get the job done in the bedroom. People even claimed Kniss was with him for his money.  “I had to set the record straight,” she said. “It wasn’t love at first sight, but Sean is one of the most sexual people I have ever met — it’s appalling to suggest that my husband cannot satisfy me sexually and it’s none of their business.” Stephenson was also left scratching his head about the assertions, especially since he knows how much of a Don Juan he truly is behind closed doors. “Sex is probably the biggest part of my life,” he said. And according to Kniss, the 35-year-old has a wide array of tricks up his sleeve once the lights are dimmed. “There are no limitations when it comes to sex,” she said. “There’s no position he can’t manage and I don’t have to be extra careful.” Stephenson was born with osteogenesis imperfecta — more commonly known as brittle bone disorder, according to Barcroft.

Play on playa! Brittle Bone Syndrome? That boner aint brittle, bro. This dude is giving his lady multiples every single night. He probably straight up climbs inside her vagina. Just rolls in there like a bowling ball and once he’s inside he can tinker and and fiddle around until he hits her spot. Its hard for us to find the g spot because we’re going in there blind with a straight dick or some clumsy fingers. Sean Stephenson is probably in there with one of those miner helmets with the flashlights on top. He can find the g spot because hes staring right at it. Probably starts digging his elbows into it like an Asian woman giving you a back massage.

Not gonna lie, its pretty devastating hearing that a 2 foot 8 disabled dude has a better sex life than you. I mean the way he and his wife are talking it sounds like he’s smashing out every night in every possible way. “Theres no position he cant manage?” Fuck you, Sean Stephenson! I’m 6 feet tall and (relatively) able bodied person and theres like dozens of positions I cant do. I think I tore a hip flexor and sprained my MCL last week trying to lean back during sex. This dude is just beating up the pussy every night and I’m on that bi-weekly paycheck schedule if I’m lucky. More often its like “Its the first of the month, time to pay rent and hopefully have sex.” To be honest I think this 2 foot 8 guy benefits from being disabled. I think his wife fucks his dick off just to make him feel normal. Well guess what? Thats NOT NORMAL. No husband should be getting laid all day every day and certainly not on thats 30 inches tall.

Clinical therapist at Minnesota Sex Offender Program accused of sexually assaulting girl


A clinical therapist at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a girl and threatening to kill her if she told.

55157cfbaab0a.imageWanda Viento, 57, of St. Peter, was charged with several felonies Friday, The Free Press of Mankato  reported. Bail was set at $200,000 without conditions, and Viento remained in the Blue Earth County Jail Sunday, according to online jail records.

In a statement, Anne Barry, deputy commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, which oversees the sex offender program, called the charges “serious” and said officials “are very concerned,” but noted the charges are unrelated to Viento’s state duties.

According to the complaint, Mankato detective Tom Rother interviewed a girl in Minneapolis who said Viento first molested her when she was about 9 or 10.

Icelandic “Free The Nipple” campaign takes over the capital


A group of female students from Kvennaskólinn grammar school in Reykjavík took to the streets to day to show their support for the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign. The bare breasted group of girls marched proudly along Bankastræti street in down-town Reykjavík, and to the parliament building in Austurvöllur.


Yesterday, numerous student bodies and feminist associations declared today as ‘Free the Nipple’ day and urged female students to join the campaign by going braless.

“We’d been following the online discussion and decided to take things one step further. Most people were very supportive, although one did boo at us, and one lady even joined in,” Embla Huld Þorleifsdóttir, a student at Kvennaskólinn, told Vísir.

Kvennaskólinn was in fact Iceland’s first school for women, and its name, which translates to the School for Women, has been preserved to commemorate this milestone, although the school is now a mixed school.

Drunk Frenchman attempts to resuscitate ‘dying’ rubber dinghy


A drunk young man in France tried to resuscitate a rubber dinghy in a shipyard which he believed was a individual who was about to die.

imagesFrench police officers identified the 22-year-old behaving strangely in the early hours of Sunday in the shipyard in Vannes in Brittany, close to an region which homes numerous nightclubs and late-evening bars.

“He was underneath a boat, on his knees, attempting to resuscitate a rubber dinghy,” police told Le Télégramme de Brest newspaper.

The would-be hero had referred to as emergency solutions and told them to rush an ambulance to the website prior to he set about his personal rescue attempt.

He told the officers that the “victim” was not responding and necessary to be saved. He had been carrying out cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to revive him.

Police ordered the ambulance to return to base. Seeing that the young man was extra in require of aid than the dinghy, they took him into custody and, following he was examined by a medical professional, placed him overnight in a drunk cell.

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5th Grader Expelled For Pimping Classmates For “$3 Kisses And $2 Hugs”


An 11-year-old elementary school 5th grader has been expelled for running “quite a business” during his school day hours.

image63The young man comes from a family with many financial troubles. His parents, who were reportedly on welfare. With his family’s future in mind, the young boy managed to convince 8 of his female classmates to kiss and hug boys for money.

The principal said, “He was running this business of exploiting his young female classmates for nearly 3 months before getting caught. We became suspicious that something was going on, when lunch attendance began to dwindle. We have had 27 boys and 5 girls come forward admitting they were paying this “wanna be pimp” $3 for a 10 second make out session and $2 for a 15 second hug which included unnecessary groping. The 8 female children he recruited, never got a red cent.”

Authorities estimate that the young man made out with nearly $500 in three months, with many of the other children being “repeat customers.”

Authorities have questioned the parents, but they adamantly deny any involvement in their son’s actions.

The Sheriff’s Department is seeking to press charges on the young man’s parents. Those charges include 32 counts of solicitation of a minor, child endangerment and child neglect