China Uses Plastic Prints to Make City Appear Greener


Many big cities are now known for being polluted and lacking much greenery.  All one typically sees are tall buildings, lots of people, and hundreds of cars in the streets.

Ik6Hfz3-500x311In China’s Jilin Province, however, the local government has found a solution to make the city look alive again.

Instead of planting trees, workers have installed plastic sheets along sidewalks showing fake greenery to depict a fresh-looking city.


It’s quite ironic because greening is supposed to make the city less polluted. Using plastic might just contribute to more damage, especially if it is not properly maintained.

Repeat Drunk Driver, 66, Arrested Wearing Remarkably Stupid Message T-Shirt


A Texas man arrested on a ninth drunk driving charge was wearing a “WARNING: I Do Dumb Things” t-shirt when jailed last week.


Pictured above, Luciano Gutierrez–who, at 66, is way too old for cutesy “message” t-shirts–was collared on a warrant stemming from his DWI arrest three months ago.

Gutierrez was booked Thursday into the Bell County jail, from which he was later released after posting $25,000 bond.

Due to his history of drunk driving convictions, Gutierrez’s latest arrest rises to the level of a felony (and carries a maximum 10-year prison term).

News Crew Captures Video Of Purple UFO In Lima, Peru


This is a video from a newscast in Lima, Peru, that is interrupted when the crew spots a UFO hovering in the distance and starts filming that instead.

A few eyewitnesses say the UFO was around for almost two hours. They further said the object was disc-shaped and appeared purple at the centre. Zoomed in image of the object revealed the UFO had a bright purple centre; but the extreme right was almost black, while the other side was a darker shade of purple. The edges also “appeared to be dynamic, changing in size,” Inquistr reports.Even though the UFO was filmed by the crew, there is no footage of the mysterious object leaving the area. Thus, how it vanished from the area also needs to be answered.

Arthur Benoit Accused Of Beating Disabled Dad With Mounted Antlers


Police have arrested 26-year-old Arthur Benoit III after they say he got so angry at his disabled father that he beat him with mounted antlers and threatened to kill him with a pen.

Arthur-BenoitAccording to court records, Benoit admitted that he became enraged when his father, Andrew Benoit Jr., refused to get out of bed one morning earlier this month.

Benoit threw a tantrum that included breaking his father’s wheelchair and cellphone, as well as beating his father in the legs and head with mounted antlers.

At one point during his tirade, Benoit also grabbed a pen and threatened to kill his old man with it while he mimicked stabbing him.

Benoit was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault, harassment and criminal mischief. He remains in custody at the Washington County jail after failing to post a $10,000 bond.

Teen Charged With Manslaughter After Police Say She Encouraged Friend’s Suicide


Michelle Carter, 18, is facing involuntary manslaughter charges after investigators say she encouraged 18-year-old Conrad Roy to commit suicide last year.

Michelle-ConradRoy was found dead inside his truck behind a K-Mart last year. The teen had decided to kill himself and did so via carbon monoxide poisoning. After a lengthy investigation, it was revealed that Carter had “strongly influenced” Roy to kill himself.

After his body was found, police searched the teen’s cell phone and found thousands of text messages between him and Carter in the days leading to his death. The text messages continued up until the moments before he died.

“It is alleged that Ms. Carter had firsthand knowledge of Roy’s suicidal thoughts,” the district attorney’s office said. “Instead of attempting to assist him or notify his family or school officials, Ms. Carter is alleged to have strongly influenced his decision to take his own life, encouraged him to commit suicide and guided him in his engagement of activities which led to his death.”

And by encouraging Roy, they mean she basically instructed him to. Fairhaven police Detective Scott Gordon said in a police report:

“Not only did Conrad tell Carter in several of his texts prior to his death that he was scared and didn’t want to leave his family, she continued to encourage him to take his own life, and when he actually started to carry out the act, he got scared again and exited his truck, but instead of telling him to stay out of the truck … Carter told him to ‘get back in.’”

Carter was indicted on February 5 as a youthful offender, which means she will be tried in juvenile court, but her trial will be open to the public. Her bail has been set at $2,500 and she’s been ordered to stay offline unless it is for school work. Carter is scheduled to appear in New Bedford Juvenile Court for a pretrial hearing on April 17.

After Roy’s death, Carter posted messages on Facebook and Twitter expressing how much she loved and missed her friend. She also organized a softball tournament called “Homers for Conrad” to raise money for mental health awareness in honor of Roy. She also posted several messages about suicide prevention.