Taiwanese Man Has Been Waiting for His Date to Show Up for the Last 20 Years



Unwilling to accept that he was stood up, a Taiwanese man has reportedly been waiting for his date to show up for the last two decades! 47-year-old Ah Ji is now a permanent fixture at Tainan train station, where the love of his life promised to meet him all those years ago. It’s unclear whether the girl in question was his lover, or if they had arranged to meet for their first date, all we know is that he went to the station expecting to see her, and has never left since.

In the initial years Ah Ji was always seen hovering over a large staircase, as though ready to greet someone. After a few years of waiting he moved to a side door next to the exit station, from where he stares at passengers’ faces every day. The man is so heartbroken that he has taken to a life of hunger and homelessness at the station.

He solely survives on the generosity of social workers and passersby. Mobile vendors at the station sometimes give him food to eat, while a few family members visit him occasionally with fresh clothes. They’ve tried to convince him to come home, but he is adamant about waiting for his girl. Three years ago, social workers arranged for a place for him to live, but he refused to move, claiming that he’s used to waiting now. They tried admitting him at a local hospital, but he escaped within a few days and went back to his old spot.

The Tainan City Bureau of Social Affairs recently got involved in the matter – they organised a church dinner for Ah Ji, to which they invited his family members and friends from the station. They got him a haircut, fresh clothes, and a medical checkup. Reports say that he appeared cheerful and even raised a glass to toast the city’s deputy mayor. But when his family and social workers tried to convince him to leave his spot at the station, he said that he didn’t want to go anywhere and that he is used to waiting.

Ever since news of his plight went viral in Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore and China, Ah Ji has been nicknamed the “Human Hachiko”, in reference to the legendary Akita Inu dog famous famous for waiting by the train station every day for his owner to return home even after he passed away.

Two Asian Girls Try To Blow A Cockroach Into Each Other’s Mouth On Japanese Game Show


Talk about some high fucking stakes. I think I’d honestly rather play Russian Roulette than this cockroach tube game. My palms were sweating just watching these two. The chick who ended up winning came within an inch of losing like 2 or 3 times. Able to withstand the furious blow job onslaught her opponent unleashed. She dug deep for one last blow and – BAM! – cockroach right down that bitch’s throat. I bet that thing didnt’t even end up in her stomach. Right into the lungs. Probably in there right now like when Pinocchio was inside that whale.  Vile. Absolutely vile.

Fuckin Japan man. You gotta respect their game show prowess. Every challenge or contest is always vaguely sexual right before they hit you over the head with something absolutely repulsive. Like “Lets have 2 pretty Asian girls wrap their lips around this tube and blow…AND THEN THEY EAT COCKROACHES!” Just mixing up all sorts of their weird perverted stuff into one game. We love karaoke…we love blow jobs…lets have girls blow guys while they sing karaoke! They certainly know how to put asses in the seats.

Oh My ….. This Teen Can Touch Her 4-Inch Tongue To Her Eyeball


longtonguelewis570She calls herself “Long Tongue Lewis,” and she isn’t exaggerating.

Adrianne Lewis, 18, can touch her eye with her 4-inch tongue.

OK, so she needs a helping hand. But that’s still pretty amazing. The Muskegon, Michigan, teen can also touch her nose, her chin and her elbow with it.

Lewis says she wants Guinness World Records to measure her tongue. The current record-holder is 24-year-old Californian Nick Stoeberl, whose 3.97-inch tongue appears in the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records.

Lewis’ mother, Julianne, told Barcroft TV that she first noticed that her daughter had a big tongue when she was about 10 or 12 years old.

“She would stick her tongue out, touch her nose and touch her elbow. I think she was kind of discovering herself,” Julianne Lewis says in the video above.

Her mom says long tongues run in the family, but Adrianne Lewis suspects her licker may have grown longer with use.

“I think that with time, and with me being the weird kid that I was and always sticking out my tongue, it could have stretched,” Lewis said.
Could there have been a celebrity inspiration behind Lewis’ tongue tricks?

Jessica Fuchs May Not Fuch Her Student, Settles For Playtime & A Quickie B J


The alleged sexual relationship between a Bainbridge High teacher and a 16-year-old student at Bainbridge High was discovered after the victim’s mother looked at the teenager’s phone and saw Snapchat conversations with a person named “Jess” and the boy later admitted to doing “more than hugging and kissing” with the teacher.

jessica-fuchsBainbridge police arrested Jessica M. Fuchs, 26, Thursday on sexual assault charges after results from the Washington State Patrol crime lab found “a large amount of evidence” on Fuchs’ computer that included text messages of a sexual nature and a video of Fuchs masturbating that she made for the student.

According to court documents, police also found that Fuchs had used her school laptop to search the Internet on Feb. 24 — the day the allegations of inappropriate contact between the teacher and the student were shared with an associate principal at BHS — on “how to permanently delete cell phone records.”

Fuchs was arrested at her Bainbridge home late Thursday, May 7 and was charged later that day in Kitsap County Superior Court with two felonies — first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor, and tampering with a witness — and the gross misdemeanor of communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Court records detail an extended sexual relationship between Fuchs and the 16-year-old, who was a student in her 10th-grade biology class.

The WSP crime lab conducted a forensic examination of Fuchs’ computer, which was seized after Bainbridge police obtained a search warrant, searched her home, and took evidence.

According to the WSP investigative report, the State Patrol “was able to recover text messages between the suspect and the victim.”

“These messages begin benign but quickly increase in sexual nature … As the police investigation begins, I found several texts about destroying the evidence of their relationship,” the WSP detective wrote in the report.

The forensic evidence also found emails, iMessages, videos and voicemails between Fuchs and the student.

“The communication was sexual in nature and detailed sexual activity between Jessica Fuchs and the juvenile student victim. There was discussion regarding hugging, kissing, making out, having oral sex, and sexual intercourse,” according to the statement of probable cause in the case.

Police also discovered a video of Fuchs where she was naked and masturbating. The video was created at 4:15 a.m. Feb. 21 and was titled “ForMyBaby!”, according to court records.

Court records said Fuchs messaged the teenager shortly after the video was sent and said it would be in his email. They later talked about the video, court records indicate.

Authorities also allege that around Feb. 23, Fuchs began to talk about deleting all of the records so they would not be caught. She allegedly told the victim that she had deleted all of her messages and asked him to do the same.

It was also on Feb. 23 that school officials became aware of the relationship.

An associate principal at Bainbridge High spoke with Fuchs at 3 p.m. that day, and Fuchs “made several comments that were concerning” to the administrator. Fuchs told the associate principal that she had conversations with the student via text and knew his home address.

Court records also indicate the associate principal then met with the victim’s mother the next day, on Feb. 24, and the mother said she was suspicious that her son was involved with the teacher “in an inappropriate manner.”

The next day, Feb. 25,  Fuchs was told by school and district officials she was being placed on administrative leave after she got to school in the morning. The school administrator called 911 just after 10 a.m. and reported a possible sexual offense.

But earlier that day, shortly after 7 a.m., Fuchs wrote to the victim: “Well, protect me as best you can. Remember NOTHING COMES OUT EVER! About anything you have been to my house only once. Like like you have NEVER lied before. And try to get your mom to side with you completely and say this was all a misunderstanding! And tell the investigator that!”

Bainbridge Police Officer Aimee LaClaire met with the victim’s parents and they gave police the teen’s cell phone, iPad and laptop and also gave consent for the items to be searched.

LaClaire interviewed the student two days later, and he denied that anything sexual had happened between himself and his teacher, but did admit to hugging her.

The boy also told police that the Snapchats his mother had seen were actually from a friend, but police later talked to the other teen and found he had not sent a Snapchat to the victim since the summer of 2014.

Eleven days after the allegations first surfaced at BHS, the victim’s mother called police and said her son had admitted having a sexual relationship with Fuchs.

The son allegedly told his mother that he was at his teacher’s home on Saturday, Feb. 21, and Fuchs was performing oral sex on the teenager when her husband walked in.

The victim also denied having intercourse with his teacher but did say she was pregnant. Records recovered from Fuchs’ school computer showed she had done an internet search for “Paternity Tests” on Friday, Feb. 13.

The State Patrol examination of Fuchs’ computer shows that much of the communication between the teacher between Jan. 15 and Feb. 25 was deleted, but was able to be retrieved forensically.

Records indicate much of the Bainbridge police investigation was completed by early March. Bainbridge police were contacted by an attorney representing Fuchs who said “she will not be talking to you.”

Police also tried to interview her husband, but he would not talk.

Fuchs was arrested Thursday for first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor, second-degree sexual misconduct with a minor, communication with a minor for immoral purposes, tampering with physical evidence and tampering with a witness.

Bainbridge police asked that bail be set at $200,000, but it was set at $100,000 instead.

Cops Murder Man by Slamming His Head on the Floor in Booking Room


In Thailand, you get killed, and authorities will point at you. In America, you point, and authorities will kill you.

In April 2015, the Knox County, Ohio deputies arrested 33 year old David Levi Dehmann for drunkenness after he had fallen down by the restroom at the Dan Emmett Elementary School ball field. The deputies took the man to country jail but while in the booking room, a scuffle with a deputy ended with the suspect killed. The deputy murdered him by slamming his head to the floor.

A sheriff’s report written by Sgt. Alan Hackman about the incident reads:

[Dehmann] became aggressive with the jail staff… causing Deputy Wright to place Mr. Dehmann into a takedown hold, taking him to the ground to get control of him.

Once control was gained, it was found that Mr. Dehmann had hit his head on the floor during the incident.

It was found that Mr. Dehmann had hit his head on the floor – could you believe how gutless those cops are? Also notice the use of “take down hold” – how about saying it like it is, and putting down “slamming subject’s head directly to the floor with full force” instead?

Notice how none of the cops who witnessed the murder first hand arrested the murderer after the fact. Those are the “good cops” the sheeple talk about. Also notice how for about 15 minutes after he’d been slammed, none provided any form of medical assistance to the dying man. They just stood around and waited for him to die.

Deputy Wright, who murdered the man, was sent on… you guessed it – taxpayer funded vacation.

CCTV video from the booking room: